An Important Letter From Bob Anderson:

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Dear TLC Community Member,

Happy New Year! And welcome to 2014.  This year promises to be a breakout year.  We are launching a second certification and a whole new set of products into our practitioner community.  In addition, we have plans for significant global expansion, we will be introducing new branding and websites for both The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group, and we are poised for significant growth in our business.  So, this email is the first of what I expect will be a number of big announcements as things unfold this year.

As some of you may know during 2013 we were actively pursuing a CEO/President to lead our business and we were not able fill that role.  Last year we also recruited for our head of Product Development and we were extremely fortunate to find a wonderful leader in Betsy Leatherman to fill that position.   Betsy was not unfamiliar to us.  She had long-term working relationships with a number of our partners.  In addition, she had experience of The Leadership Circle in its early years.   Given our experience of Betsy and her unique set of skills and capabilities, I suggested to the partners that we consider her for the role of President of the combined Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group business.  Just prior to Christmas, the Board (our Partner Group) met to discuss Betsy for this role and made the decision to offer Betsy the position of President of Conscious Leadership—the holding company of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group.  Betsy accepted the position and she has taken over the day-to-day leadership of Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle effective January 1, 2014.  Please join me in welcoming Betsy to a new, expanded, and vital role.  See Betsy’s personal introduction below.

With the appointment of Betsy to the position of President, I will be focusing on my role as Chairman of the Board, and in this role, will work with the Board The Leadership Circle Founder & CEO Bob Anderson to create ongoing clarity of vision and strategic focus.  I will also assume the role of Chief Development Officer.  In this role I will focus on providing thought leadership and on guiding the innovation of the next wave of our Intellectual Property.  As many of you know, I have wanted to make this transition for many years.  When the Board made the decisions mentioned above, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude.  There is another wave of creative development and integration that I have wanted to get to for some time, but could not, because of the demands of running the business.  These organizational changes will provide me the space to learn, integrate, create, write, consult and speak.  I am excited, and a bit daunted, by this challenge.

Bill Adams, Partner in Full Circle Group, will be assuming the role of CEO.  The combination of Bill and Betsy will provide very strong and capable leadership for Conscious Leadership.  As the Founder of The Leadership Circle, and a Founding Director of Full Circle Group, it has been an important objective of mine to have in place the kind of leadership that can allow us to thrive and to fulfill on the promise of our Mission.  I could not be more thrilled(and relieved) to be handing over organizational leadership to the passion and talent that is embodied in both Bill and Betsy.

Betsy will work with Bill to craft her Leadership Agenda.  As with any change, there is a period of transition and we are moving into a leadership transition.  This transition will be accelerated given how closely Bill and I have been working together and how quickly Betsy is assimilating into the business.  Betsy will be applying her own brand of leadership as she is guiding us into a successful future.

I am so pleased to welcome Betsy to this new role.  I am grateful to Bill for assuming the CEO position.  Together Betsy and Bill will bring the leadership we need to take our organization to the next level of fulfillment on our mission and vision.

I look forward what is in store for us this year.

All the best,

Bob Anderson

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Greetings Everyone,

I am pleased to be writing this letter today.  At The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group we talk about you all every single day.  We talk about how to best serve you, what we can bring to you and how we can support you.  So, I feel like I already know you.  Having been an owner of a consulting firm myself I feel a connection to many of you.  For those of you that reside in a corporate arena, I’ve been in that environment as well.  I’m proud to work amongst you and serve you in this new role and hope to draw upon my previous experiences with your input and feedback to serve you best.

When Bob told me he was going to write to you all, I asked if I may send a personal note introducing myself and sharing my background.  I couldn’t be more excited to be working with the combined team assembled at The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group.  I have had the privilege of working with many people from both of the firms for the past 15 or so years.  My educational background is Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience.  A practice centered on understanding how people change.  I started my career at Pecos River Aon Consulting working with big organizations doing culture change.  My work at Pecos included the chance to work as part of two global teams in Monterrey, Mexico and Trinidad.  Both were wonderful experiences and gave me my first chance to experience the global work our organization did.  It was at Pecos where I met Bill Adams and worked side-by-side with Dave Schrader.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with both again.

After I left Pecos, I went to Carlson Marketing Group leading the Employee and Executive Consulting Practice.  It was a global position responsible for creating all of the programs that touched clients from Minneapolis to Mumbai.  I was responsible for product, marketing, strategy, selling, new business, thought leadership – it was so exciting.  I also had the pleasure of intersecting once again with Bill as he was doing work within our corporate organization and I got to meet David Spach.  David was and is a master – he is so fun to watch think.  We were working through my Kotter-like model for change paired with Six Sigma and asking ourselves how they intersect. At Carlson I really experienced for the first time that my education was about creating change in humans and one career manifestation of that was marketing.

There were many wonderful things about a big company like Carlson and there were also many things that slowed us down in trying to serve clients.  I envisioned a better way of working that would allow me to be closer to clients and serve them more readily.  So, a teammate from Carlson and I started our own company, RAZR Marketing.  RAZR is a full service marketing services agency focused on creating sustainable behavior change.  We closed our first two deals the day we decided to start it and had to incorporate so we could invoice the client.  It was a great start! We had the pleasure of working with Bill and David again (on the Yale project).  We were selected as agency of record for MasterCard and FirstData and had the opportunity to do some amazing global brand and marketing work for both companies.   The business was 100% client funded, meaning we sold, delivered and got results so we could sell more and grow.  Our team went from 2 of us to 25 when I left.  I sold my interests in RAZR 3 years ago; the pace of growing that fast and continuous travel really exhausted me.  RAZR continues to do well and lead clients and the market and I sit and smile at all that has been created there.

It was a lot of work and I was tired.  So, I slowed down by focusing on my two boys Riley (8) and Kieran (6) and my husband Mike. It has been a spectacular few years and as my boys have gotten older and a lot easier, I have added work back into my life.  I began by helping a few, select clients on their marketing efforts.  In June I met with Dave Schrader and David Spach and they grabbed my heart by telling me they were looking for someone to help lead their product area.  What a spectacular few months I have had since starting.  It became evident pretty early on that to successfully implement product I needed to be involved much more in the organization.  When Bob approached me about being the President of the combined organization, I was extremely excited for the opportunity.  To serve you and the team here in this capacity is really quite honor.

I truly look forward to meeting all of you and can’t wait for the chance to work with one another. Please do not hesitate to call me.




Betsy Leatherman
(612) 802-8046

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  • Carol Murray says:

    Your Comments

    The clarity of the “authentic voice” rings so true and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for the wonderful “role modeling!” Congratulations to all of you for the choices you have made and the space those choices open up for us all. I’m so excited to see what unfolds in this next phase of the work!

    All the best,

  • Congratulations Betsy. We’ll soon be making an announcement about the Global Institute for Women Leaders — we’re about three weeks away. We used the LCP in some work we did in Southern Africa last summer and it had a major impact on the participants.

    All the best wishes for leading a great organization with great products.


    Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D.
    Insight University

  • Ian Cook says:

    Bob and Betsy,

    What exciting news! As a long-time TLC community member (I was one of the last to take my certification in Bob’s living room and do the gravity stick exercise on his back deck) it is great to learn about the changes taking place.

    I am sure the impact of this transition will in some way reverberate out to all us “grunts and snuffies” at the extremities of the network who use TLC tools and models in our work.

    Bob, so glad to hear you will finally have that precious time for conceptual development…and writing that book!! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

    Betsy and Bill, welcome aboard.

  • Welcome aboard Betsy! Looking forward to the continued success and significance of the work of the developing conscious leaders. I love this work, and the platform the Leadership Circle Profile provides to help others achieve this. Look forward to meeting you someday in the future.

    Tim Edris

  • This is all great news! Congratulations, Betsy, and here’s to a new chapter of generative creativity, Bob. I wish you and the whole endeavor the very best.

    Despite carrying out a good number of Leadership Circle 360s in the past 12 months, I have decided to take your certification refresher in Boston because, well… there’s always more to learn! I can’t wait.

    Warmest regards,

  • Hi Bob and Betsy,

    It was lovely to read your heartfelt letters. Good on you ! Congratulations and best wishes for the continued emergent growth and success of a great company.


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