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Daniel Holden

Dan HoldenDaniel Holden is President of Daniel Holden & Associates. From a successful career in counseling, he moved to corporate life and has since built a reputation of excellence in executive coaching, diversity work and facilitating workshops for leaders—from executives in Fortune 500 companies to heads of independent companies. An expert in transforming adversity into power, he is co-author of the breakthrough workshops entitled “Pathways to Partnership” and “Mastering Leadership.” Dan is also the author of “Lost Between Lives–Finding Your Light When the World Goes Dark”. His clients include West Point Military Academy, Wachovia, Pratt and Whitney, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Shell Oil, March of Dimes, Ford Motor Company, Ashland Chemical, Aurora Health Care, Eastman Kodak, Northeast Utilities, Ohio Education Association. Dan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education.

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