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Jonathan Hulsh Grayscale

Jonathan Hulsh

Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Since its founding, Jonathan has led the sales growth of The Leadership Circle. Starting with a handful of practitioners who used The Leadership Circle tools, Jonathan has helped The Leadership Circle become a significant, global player in leadership development. Today, more than 1800 practitioners use The Leadership Circle tools and framework in a variety of languages. Thousands of client organizations including leaders in industry, top universities, and government agencies have made The Leadership Circle tools a foundational part of their leadership development initiatives. “Sales, when done well, is actually an educational process. I act as an advocate, educating my clients and empowering them to make an informed decision,” says Jonathan. Jonathan has over thirty years experience in sales and marketing. Prior to joining The Leadership Circle, his clients included leaders in the fields of personal development, high technology, business services, medical, and natural products.  They include Anthony Robbins International, Parent Effectiveness Training, Transcendental Meditation, Western School of Feng Shui, Acer, Air Products, Mail Boxes Etc, Sutter Corporation, CRS Health Corp., Natural Alternatives International, Cell Tech, Nutribiotic, and Lundberg Family Farms.

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