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Nathan Delahunty

COO, CFO & Partner

Nate integrates his passion for the language of business – numbers and financials – with the strategic goals, objectives and vision of the Full Circle Group organization. As a Partner, COO and CFO of FCG, Nate works closely with the executive team to ensure the business objectives are being met. He spends his days breaking down barriers that otherwise prevent the fluid flow of business. Nate joined the organization in 2008, and navigated the smooth changeover of systems and processes as the company transitioned from Maxcomm to Full Circle Group. His passion for organizational excellence allows Nate to work with his co-partners to ensure that the internal support systems match the fast pace of this thriving service organization. Nate is responsible for contract negotiations, setting price structures, financial risk management, and corporate service functions such as Human Resources, IT, Database Management, Finance, and Accounting. Nate genuinely enjoys his day-to-day interactions with the FCG staff. Prior to joining Full Circle Group, Nate worked as VP of Accounting, Finance, and Operations at a successful mid-size seminar and training services organization. As a member of the executive management team, Nate was responsible for the organization’s corporate service functions and its day-to-day operations, compliance, and financial risk management. Prior to that, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. As a registered CPA, Nate also has practiced in the tax field for the past ten years. Nate has a master’s degree in professional accountancy from the University of Utah. He makes his home in the lakeside town of Saratoga Springs, Utah, where he and his wife are raising five beautiful children. Nate is passionate about giving back to his community, enjoys a rousing political discussion, and relishes taking long road trips with his family. Southern California is a favorite destination where the family enjoys spending time with relatives and playing on the beach.

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