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<Back to The Leadership Circle Profile Overview The information in the Leadership Circle Profile is rich, thorough, and elegantly organized to elucidate patterns and interactions among all dimensions. The leader can quickly see the whole story and gain insights into his/her creative strengths, the competencies that need development, and the deeper issues that are giving rise to the patterns of competency over/under utilization.

An Integrated Whole

Like any well-crafted recipe, the ingredients come together as a complex but integrated whole. To symbolize this, the results are graphically displayed in a circle. The placement of dimensions in the circle quickly shows how all of the dimensions interact with each other. The whole picture–strengths and weakness, balance and imbalance, internal operating system, and external competency–is immediately apparent.
  • State of the Art Internet Capable. Each Leadership Circle Profile is completely administered through the internet. In a very user-friendly environment, participants can fill out the profile on themselves and request feedback from others. Assessors easily log in and provide feedback.
  • Extensive Support Materials. Feedback reports are included in an extensive binder of support material. Detailed numeric data is efficiently organized for digging into the specifics. All dimensions are described in sufficient depth and clarity so as to support ongoing learning and reflection. Extensive awareness and action planning guides are included. Learning resources and contact information are provided. Leaders also have access to an interactive web site for further learning. In short, support materials facilitate reflection, learning, and behavior change long into the future.
  • Research Basis. Leadership Circle Profile is a world class, thoroughly researched, and validated instrument. Consultants, coaches, and HR/OD professionals report that the Leadership Circle Profile is superior to any 360°profile tool they have previously used. Leaders consistently report that the Leadership Circle Profile was the highlight of their workshop and executive coaching experience.

Video FAQ’s

  • Organizational Data. The organization can receive summary data on any division, department, or team that will support organizational measurement needs. This turns the Leadership Circle Profile into a powerful culture assessment and development tool.
  • Normative Data. All results are reported in comparison to an ever-growing norm base. Consequently, the Leadership Circle Profile is a powerful way for a leader to compare him/herself to others inside and outside the organization. It also provides a stable base for year-to-year metrics.
  • Versatile. Data report-out options are available. Self-report data can be compared to an average score of all those providing feedback, and/or feedback can be split out by boss, peer, and direct reports. In addition, the norm base used for percentile comparisons can be selected. Results can be compared to the entire norm base, a select industry group, profession, and/or organizational level.
  • The Complete System. The Leadership Circle Profile is the most complete 360°profiling system for enhancing leadership development, executive coaching, leadership training, organizational assessment, and feedback, that is available today.

Benefits & Advantages of the Leadership Circle Profile

Leadership Circle Profile provides a comprehensive metric for tracking leadership development and cultural change. It greatly augments your organization’s leadership development because it:
  • Reveals to the leader what is going on beneath the surface and what may be keeping them stuck in outdated modes of behavior.
  • Evokes deeper personal awareness. Change can only happen when awareness changes.
  • Enhances the value of executive coaching and saves time. The coach instantly sees an integrated picture, which reveals insights very quickly.
Coaching can then start at an advanced level. Leadership Circle Profile is an important tool for ongoing performance management. It aids in developing teamwork and alignment within management teams. Unlike other tools, the Leadership Circle Profile aids in succession planning that develops high potential leaders and allows you to measure your organization against a large norm-base of similar companies.

Leadership Circle Profiles are:

  • More Revealing–It is the only leadership profile tool that links leadership competencies to core beliefs that govern behavior.
  • More Advanced–Instantly reveals key opportunities for your executive’s development without requiring an executive coach to read through reams of documentation. Leadership Circle Profile enables executive coaching to start at a breakthrough conversation rather than require months trying to reach one.
  • More Than Just an Assessment–The rich theoretical underpinnings of the Leadership Circle Profile provide a pathway to transformation. No other tool of this type offers this.
  • More Efficient–Leadership Circle Profile is remarkably easy to use and allows a coach to meet an executive “where they are” without spending valuable coaching time finding out where that is.
  • Widely Accepted–Leadership Circle Profile is a world class solution that is used by leading national and international organizations, government agencies, and top universities across the globe.

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