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Summary Measures

The following dimensions are intended to bring everything together. They summarize all of the above into a few useful measures.
  • Creative-reactive scale reflects the degree of balance between the creative dimensions and the reactive dimensions. The percentile score here gives you a sense of how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations. It measures the amount of energy your organization puts into reactive versus creative behavior. It suggests the degree to which your leadership relationships and goal-oriented behaviors are coming out of a creative or reactive orientation. It also suggests the degree to which leaders’ self-concepts and inner motivations come from within or are determined by external expectations, rules, or conditions.
  • Task-relationship balance measures the degree of balance your organization shows between the achievement competencies and the relationship competencies. It is a measure of the over, under, or balanced development of either half of the equation–the people half or the task half–that makes for great leadership. Good balance results in high percentile scores.

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