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August, 2013 | by Bob Anderson
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On July 24 through 26 of this year, Bob Anderson, the Founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, conducted an Authentic Leader workshop in the village of Kagadi, Uganda.  The program involved the faculty and staff of the Uganda Rural Training and Development (URDT) staff and the Africa Rural University (ARU) faculty.  These two organizations are at the forefront of rural development in Uganda and Africa.  While not the largest development efforts, by far, they represent one of the most innovative grass-roots development efforts in the world.

Bob has been involved and supportive of these two organizations since he and his wife visited Uganda in 1986.  Bob said of his visit, “I have not been to Uganda to visit URDT and ARU for 28 years.  I was astounded by the progress they have made and by systemic nature and vision of what these two efforts represent.  It was a deeply moving and gratifying experience to be a part of.”  URDT and ARU are founded on the very same principles that are at the core of The Leadership Circle model and both are a living example of how The Leadership Circle’s Creative Leadership orientation can be applied for the betterment of all humankind.  Bob traveled to Uganda with is son Rob who was also profoundly moved by the experience.

Look for a more extensive article on TLC’s involvement with URDT and ARU in an upcoming Leadership Quarterly Article.  In addition, if you want to experience the Authentic Leader workshop, please visit the The Leadership Circle’s website for more information.

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