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It’s always nice to read about principles and practices that, theoretically, are supposed to improve an organization’s performance. But when all is said and done, there’s often more said than done. We know you’re not interested in talk. You want solutions that actually work.

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WJ Consulting, LLC. Armed with the Leadership Circle Profile, Hilary W. Joel helped her client to break barriers and find new ways to improve executive leadership. Learn more

Case Studies

Here are some highlighted case studies that show principles and practices in action. They also provide a model and vision of what your organization can become.
  • AUSCOAL Super. With growth comes complexity. With complexity comes the demand for better leadership. This was the situation facing the executive team at AUSCOAL Superannuation, one of Australia’s leading industry superannuation funds. Over the two-year period AUSCOAL’S attention to executing on its strategic plan combined with a focus on investing in building the leadership capabilities of its executive team has led to a number of internal outcomes and external accolades. Learn more
  • Accent Energy. With record breaking sales growth over a short period of time, Accent Energy company-wide began feeling the growing pains. From disconnects between their sales and operations teams, to low morale and predictable and uninspired team meetings, Accent Energy Executive Dana Saucier took action and found her solution by using the Leadership Circle Profile. Learn more
  • Thoma Thoma. Thoma Thoma needed a company transformation and the Leadership Culture Survey was the tool to make that happen. Within the following year, Thoma Thoma had an increase in their new business close ratio by over 100 percent as well as employee productivity. Contact us to learn more about our services and take the first steps towards achieving similar results for your organization. Learn more

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