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From small businesses to multinational corporations, The Leadership Circle adds velocity to leadership development throughout the world.

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Train the Trainer workshop is an extraordinary experience. I got all the things I expected; deeper insights, new distinctions, enhanced skills and confidence in the all the underpinning concepts and how to teach and facilitate learning experiences for clients more effectively and elegantly. My personal experience was unexpected in its depth and power; being challenged to step up to my greater capability, reframing of my perceptions of myself and my personal application of the concepts to my own life. What touched me so unexpectedly was to observe the range of transformations in others and see the link between the activities we undertook and their impact & effect on each of us. It was moving and inspirational. It confirmed the true value of this work. It is a unique learning experience.

Sarah Cornally, Strategic Leadership Advisor, Cornally Enterprises Pty Ltd

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