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“Scaling Leadership and the Leadership Circle / Full Circle Group Approach is a powerful path to step changing leaders’ capabilities individually and as a team to drive positive change and deliver outstanding results. As an organization, it moves you from reactive, defensive, and excuse making to creative, purposeful, and outcome focused. I highly recommend the book and the approach to CEO’s and their teams.”

Erik Fyrwald CEO, Syngenta Group

Leadership Circle: Providing the Best Leadership Development Platform for Organizations Globally

Coaching Services

One-on-one coaching services provided for:

  • Board of Directors
  • CXO’s
  • Senior Executives
  • Mid-level Leaders and Managers
  • Front-line Leaders and Managers

Consulting Services

Engagements that include:

  • Top Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Team and Team of Teams Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Business and Cultural Transformation
  • Internal Capability Build

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Executive Leadership Development


One of the only sustainable competitive advantages today is leadership, especially the impact of leaders on organizational, culture, and business performance. The results an organization achieves will never outperform the effectiveness of its senior team.

The most successful senior teams do the following effectively:

  • Leverage tremendous business capability
  • Tap into deep wells of personal and collective knowledge
  • Actively seek out strategic interdependencies and relationships
  • Focus on collective organizational culture
  • Form deep relationships
  • At their core, function together like a circle of elders

Our elite Full Circle Group (FCG) Coaches have decades of experience mentoring senior teams for many of the globe’s top organizations in nearly every industry. We partner with you and your team on the key leadership processes and needs to fulfill the Promise of Leadership™ required for your particular organization. If you want breakthrough transformation, and the ability to sustain it, we would love to partner with you.

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BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION – Organizational Change Management


When your business is faced with make-or-break challenges, and/or compelling opportunities, change is not enough. Transformation is required—and in our increasingly complex and turbulent world, circumstances, more and more often, demand nothing less.

Achieving a sustainable business transformation requires conscious personal and collective leadership transformation wedded to a sustained organization-wide systems change over a period of time—typically three to five years. This terrain is not for the faint of heart.

Our FCG Coaches have been at the forefront, pioneering the field of business transformation for over 30 years. Our goal is to help you realize your aspiration of sustainable transformation and to make it the most rewarding time in your leadership career.

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Business Transformation demands hands-on, persistent, and courageous leadership combined with full-hearted engagement from your entire organization, suppliers, and customers.

“We could not have achieved such positive results so quickly without the experience. I can tell you that the Honda and FCG leadership approach leads to exponential gains, not just incremental gains.”

Mike JettRegional Function Leader for Supply Chain Management at Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

Our approach to coaching not only leads to enhanced leadership effectiveness and improved business results, but also brings about a more balanced and fulfilling life in other domains of the leader’s world such as family, community, and personal health.

Executive Coaching Services


Our FCG Coaches are here to elevate your organization’s conscious practice of leadership. Whether you are trying to institute organization-wide Agile principles, or scale one-to-one coaching throughout your teams, we’ve got you covered.

When partnering with our elite FCG Coaches, you have access to executive coaches with unparalleled expertise and proven results. Our FCG Coaches understand both the world of business and the world of development and skillfully work with your leaders as trusted advisors in both worlds. We engage the leader’s heart and mind as we draw on our world-class assessment tools to deepen insight and understanding. Our work with executives purposefully builds and integrates leadership capability, adaptability, and confidence under the demanding conditions of organizational leadership.

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“I took the first LCP because I was required to, not because I thought I needed to. So, that’s pretty consistent with how I scored.”


-Jeff Hilzinger, CEO of Marlin Business Services

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