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Our database of 2.5 million surveys is comprised of qualitative and quantitative data on leadership effectiveness from the past several years to the last few days. Access to quality data and the ability to compare the results of your leaders’ strengths and liabilities to the global database provides insight into your leadership culture. All of this can help answer questions like:

  • Where do we need to prioritize leadership development?
  • What do we need to focus on to position ourselves for success in key areas?
  • Where do we need to be creating awareness, grounding, and vision to overcome barriers?
  • How can we describe “current state” as a baseline and let that inform or compare to our aspiration?
  • Are there dynamics we should investigate further along demographic lines?

“When I found The Leadership Circle, I knew I had discovered something wonderful. The survey revealed valuable data. It’s designed to tell you how you view your current level of leadership and compares that reality to the level you desire. It helped my board, staff, and myself create a plan for growth and a new emphasis on leadership development.”

Katie EverettExecutive Director, The Lynch Foundation

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