Leadership System Certification


The Leadership System is a systemic approach to leadership development. Designed to dramatically increase your clients’ individual and collective leadership effectiveness—and make it stick—the Leadership System allows you as a coach to deliver long-term, deep, and effective engagements in organizations of all sizes.

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The Leadership System
is a Leadership Consulting Practice
in a box.

The Leadership System™ is integrated with, and builds upon, our state-of-the art proprietary tools and process you are already certified in, the Leadership Circle Profile. You will be certified in the Promise of Leadership, Leader to Leader, and Pulse – additional tools that allow you to deliver ongoing leadership development engagements with your clients. Real development requires a long-term, ongoing approach to produce more effective leaders and enhanced business performance. Quickly scale your coaching ability into larger organizations and long-term engagements with the complete Leadership System.

The Leadership System has been years in development and has been road tested by some of the world’s leading organizations. Get certified and receive the tools to deepen your practice, grow your business, and fulfill the promise of your profession.

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Meet Our Facilitators

Bill Adams

CEO of Full Circle Group, North America and The Leadership Circle

Cindy Adams

COO of The Leadership Circle North America, SVP and ODP

David Spach

President and Partner of The Leadership Circle and the Full Circle Group, North America


The Leadership System™ is a system of interlocking and reinforcing components, each reinforcing and adding to the others:

Leadership Circle Profile

Leadership System Pre Work

Every Leadership System engagement starts with a discovery & diagnosis period with organizational communication, administration of the Leadership Circle Profile™ and suggested use of the Leadership Culture Survey™ among other things.

You must be certified in the Leadership Circle Profile before coming to the Leadership System Certification.

The promise of leadership

The Promise of Leadership workshop

The Promise of Leadership Workshop that powerfully introduces the Profile, builds the leadership imperative for ongoing development, and sets the stage for a long-term systemic leadership development.

Leader to leader

Leader to Leader

The Leader to Leader process that establishes an ongoing peer accountability and coaching cohort for sustaining ongoing development over time.

Pulse survey

Pulse Surveys

The Pulse Survey for gauging improvement on development goals set throughout the development cycle.

The Leadership System - Sample Timeline

Here you can see how all the pieces fit together for an ongoing coaching engagement over one year or more. Get certified and be able to position large-scale, systemic leadership development engagements.

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Completion of Leadership Circle Profile Certification is required before attending this program.


  • Learn how to position large-scale, systemic leadership development efforts within your organization and with senior leadership
  • Learn how to build the jurisdiction with senior leaders to become a trusted advisor in helping them transform business performance
  • Learn how to deepen your practice, grow your business, and fulfill the promise of your profession
  • Learn how to use The Leadership System™ for competitive advantage
  • Earn 21 CEU credits (7.5 hours of ICF Core Competencies and 13.5 hours of Resource Development)

who should attend

  • Business Leaders
  • Consultants (internal and external)
  • Executive Coaches
  • HR/OD/OE/L&D/Talent Management professionals
  • Trainers


Leadership System Certification

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What They’re Saying

The TLC Leadership System Certification is thoughtfully and elegantly crafted. We have been able to more than double our program offerings without start-up investments.

LauraCertified in April 2014

This Leadership System Certification has been a game changer for our business. I now approach every client opportunity with a confidence that I have a world class product. I got certified in 2014 and am seeing great results right out of the gate.

TimCertified in March 2014
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