LeaderFire: The Alchemy of Transformation (An Internet Audio Series)

The Leadership Circle Profile, and its underlying Unified Model of Leadership, was developed by Bob Anderson.  His purpose was to create an assessment and development process that is deep enough and complex enough to match the complexity of the challenges leaders face today.   We know that effective leaders out perform ineffective leaders.  We know that the development of our leadership effectiveness, both individually and collectively, must keep pace with the rate at which complexity is escalating.  We know that if we fall off that pace, we become less and less relevant (personally and to the marketplace).  We know that accelerating the development of leaders is an imperative in today’s business environment and, therefore, a key strategic priority.  Leadership effectiveness is the primary competitive advantage and is significantly correlated to business performance.  If we know all this, why is it we so often neglect developing the promise of leadership?

The development of great leadership is a fiery process. In earlier times it was called The Hero’s Journey or The Heroine’s LeaderFire Journey.  The wisdom of our ancestors indicates that the development of the kind of leadership that can “heal the kingdom,” (that is transformative of the larger system and/or society) is an arduous and life-long process. It is spiritual boot camp.  It is a journey and it is not for the faint of heart.  Consequently, the hard work of development is often avoided.  By the same token, the development of ones innate leadership, capable of creating what matters most, is a profoundly fulfilling adventure.

Recently, Bob Anderson, the Chairman and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group, and Dan Holden, a career long colleague, creative collaborator and coconspirator of Bob’s, were interviewed for an internet radio series, The Voice of Leadership.  In this series Bob and Dan share very personally and vulnerably the wisdom they have gained from over 60 years of experience of working in this deep and fiery terrain within themselves and with senior leaders.  What follows is a description of (and a link to) that radio broadcast.


This series is intended for Leadership Consultants, Coaches, HR, and OD specialists, as well as leaders who are guiding innovative change in their organizations.  Anyone who wants to understand a complete approach to the development of effective, transformative leadership in their organizations’ and in their lives will benefit from LeaderFire.

Listeners will learn:

  • About the profound journey at the heart of becoming a transformational leader
  • About the Stages of Leadership that progressively result in more effective and transformative leadership
  • The process of coaching leaders in and through the fires of transformation
  • Practices that, if practiced, will accelerate the movement to higher order Stages of Leadership


A personal Story:  Bob Anderson, will share his personal story of what it takes to become a creative leader and the challenge of staying effective in the pressures of a rapidly growing and complex global company.  In this interview you hear one of the world’s preeminent leadership theorists, with a lifetime of disciplined inquiry into the human psyche (and beyond), sharing his experience as life conspires, and confronts him with the challenge of leading—not just consulting to—a global company.  Unlike most of us who resist transformative change with all of our might, Bob gives himself over to it, discovering along the way the gifts and limitations in himself as a leader.

The Stages of Leadership:  There are well-researched, progressive Stages of Leadership that, if developed, result in greater and greater effectiveness for both leaders and coaches who work alongside them. These stages (Reactive, Creative, Integral, and Unitive) will be described from the personal experience that Bob and Dan have gleaned from navigating their own transformative journey as well as from helping many leaders evolve into higher levels of consciousness and effectiveness.

This Stage framework underpins The Leadership Circle assessment and development system.  As such, it helps leaders and those who work with them to understand and zero-in on what is most needed for leaders to advance with greater effective and ease.

Transformative Coaching:  Coaching leaders in ways that are truly masterful and Stage transformative, is a highly refined art.  This conversation begins with a challenge to the core assumption that misguides many coaches and, indeed, the coaching profession—that there is something wrong in our clients that must be fixed, resolved or developed, and we know, or should know, what this is. Dan Holden will give the listener a different glimpse into any number of powerful coaching sessions wherein a leader gets insight that is life and career changing. These stories will elucidate what mastery in coaching looks like and the kind of learning that results in fundamental shifts from one Stage of Leadership to the next.

Practices:  There are Leadership Practices that will, if engaged in regularly, result in shifts from one Stage of Leadership to the next.  Since Stage progression results in greater effectiveness in the midst of complex environments, these practices lead directly to greater effectiveness in leadership.  These Practices include Discerning Purpose and Distilling Vision, Knowing your Doubts and Fears, Authentic, Courageous Conversation, Developing Intuitive Insight, and Systems Thinking.

Click here to listen to LeaderFire: The Alchemy of Transformation.  Curl up with your dog, cat or two legged loved ones, sit back and enjoy a remarkable conversation that will shape and further refine your work as a leader, coach or both.



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