Mastering Leadership Full LCP

Option 1

Take the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) full 360 assessment and learn how your key stakeholders (bosses, peers, direct reports, and others) experience your leadership. The deep insight that comes from the full LCP 360 will allow you to become much more effective and masterful in the art and practice of leadership.

An individual debrief of your results will occur over the phone with a TLC certified coach, will last 90 minutes and is designed to help you get the most from your Leadership Circle Profile feedback.

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Option 2

Option 2 combines the power of the full Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment and 90 minute Debrief with an additional hour of follow-up coaching with a TLC certified coach. This additional coaching will help you follow up and further the steps you began towards your leadership development in your initial Debrief.

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Option 3

Option 3 combines the full Leadership Circle Profile, the 90 minute Debrief session and additional hour of follow-up coaching with a TLC certified coach. As part of the debrief, you will work with the coach to identify those areas for development that will have the greatest impact on your leadership and then craft an individual Leadership Development Plan. These plans can be shared with key supporters or used for your reference only.

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