New Section of The Leadership Circle Website Aids Certified Members in Profile and Culture Survey Management

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TLC Executive Video Summary January 31, 2013 Toledo, OH – In response to Leadership Circle community member requests, The Leadership Circle has recently added access to the Project Center from their global website, making it easier for community members to manage their accounts and order products.

The Project Center, which was only accessed previously by visiting directly, can now be accessed from the global Leadership Circle website through a link in the site’s header.

The Project Center is available to all certified Leadership Circle members and allows them to manage their client’s Leadership Circle projects from start to finish, download PDF client reports, view report samples, view order details, and more.

“With the changes to the Project Center, it is now easier for our certified members to manage all aspects of Leadership Circle Profile management and administration themselves,” stated Laura Rerucha, Vice President of Operations at The Leadership Circle. “Profile and Culture Survey administration is now readily at their fingertips, allowing community members to focus more on coaching and helping their clients.”

In addition to managing client Profiles, recent additions to the Project Center provide certified members with access to a variety of helpful resources. The Resources section houses position papers, how-tos, demographic data, webinars, and marketing materials. Non-certified members without access to the Project Center can still access a smaller selection of materials, including white papers, past Leadership Quarterly articles, videos, and case studies, in the Resources section of the global website.

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