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The Leadership Circle offers you well-written, researched white papers to help deepen your understanding and support your actions around leadership development. Downloads are complimentary. We’ll let you know when new white papers become available.
Instrument Validation StudyInstrument Validation Study. This white paper contains an independent study of The Leadership Circle Profile conducted by IPRA, a consulting group within the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at the Bowling Green State University in Ohio. The study concludes that “[The] Leadership Circle Profile is an internally consistent, valid measure for leadership development [and] the results of this independent investigation suggest that [The] Leadership Circle Profile is quite acceptable for developmental purposes.” Read it
Spirit of LeadershipThe Spirit of Leadership. Discover how improving the internal operating system of the leader creates extraordinary leadership. More than just skill development, the consciousness required to deploy one’s leadership in ways that are well matched to the complexity of the organizational challenges makes all the difference. Read it
whitepaperMastering Leadership. Break from old patterns and begin embodying a new, preferred state of an organization. Learn to pay attention to the deep personal changes that are required of people at every level rather than the level of consciousness, thinking, and behavior that gave rise to the old culture. Read it
Leadership: Uncommon SenseLeadership: Uncommon Sense. Build your case for the necessity of an in-depth approach to leadership development–at all levels of the organization–accompanied by the difficult work of systems change. Tackle the tough terrain of leadership development–the major disciplines that need to be integrated into one’s life for genuine development to take place. Read it
Pathways to PartnershipPathways to Partnership. Discover a model for changing beliefs, enabling managers to more fully embody the principles of a new system in their behavior. Understanding this model is essential in accelerating organizational change by helping managers at all levels gain insight into the nature of their character structures. Read it
TLC ProfileThe Leadership Circle: Breakthrough Leadership Assessment Technology. Introducing a significant advancement in state-of-the-art leadership assessment and development, the Leadership Circle Profile is the first competency-based 360° profile to measure behavior at various stages of adult development. It links patterns of action with habits of thought to organize information into a developmental system based on some of the best theoretical frameworks in the leadership, psychological, and spiritual literature. It also displays information in a way that immediately draws attention to the most critical information in the feedback. Read it
TLC and Organizational PerformanceThe Leadership Circle and Organizational Performance. Dive deeper into the research outlined in “The Leadership Circle: Breakthrough Leadership Assessment Technology.” This research shows that the Leadership Circle Profile dimensions are highly correlated to a measure of leadership effectiveness. It also shows strong and significant correlations to a measure of business performance. It dramatically shows how the Leadership Circle Profile graphically displays the aggregate results from among the 486 leaders in the study whose business performance was rated best and worst. In short, this paper presents powerful evidence that changes in leadership behavior, as measured by the Leadership Circle Profile, are very likely to translate into increased leadership effectiveness and, thereby, bottom-line business performance. Read it
Agreement in SelfAgreement in Self-Other Ratings of Leadership Effectiveness: The Role of Demographics and Personality. Co-authors Bob Anderson and Robert P. Vecchio (based on their research done at the University of Notre Dame) take a deep look at exactly what biases exist in leadership assessment processes. The topic of multi-source feedback has been the subject of increasing research interest as a consequence of the growth of 360° feedback programs. Before great faith can be placed in multi-source appraisals, it is important to determine whether these appraisals are prone to personal biases. Read it

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