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The Leadership Circle offers a variety of specialized training programs including: an in depth certification training program for practitioners who wish to use our assessments and framework; a powerful, transformational workshop for manager, leaders, HR, OD, and OE professionals, executive coaches, consultants, and therapists; and a suite of professional development programs for consultants and coaches who are certified in the use of The Leadership Circle assessments.

For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Our suite of training solutions include:

  • Public Certification—Our assessments are administered, debriefed, and supported with follow-through coaching by individuals who attend our three-day Leadership Circle Profile certification program. Learn more
  • In-House Certification—Assessments may be administered, debriefed, and supported by your organization’s cadre of in-house coaches or consultants. Our three-day certification program can be delivered to your group at a location and date of your choice. Learn more
  • Authentic Leader Workshop™—Based on the best-in-class approach to developing more effective leaders, TLC offers organizations and individuals a powerful and customizable learning experience. Learn more
  • Professional Development Workshops—These advanced practitioner development programs are designed for consultants and coaches who have first attended our public or in-house certification programs. These workshops add dramatic depth to an individual’s practice and support business development. Learn more
  • The Leadership System™—The Leadership System™ is a system of interlocking and reinforcing components that, taken together, accomplish more than any single-component solution could. That is its power. The Leadership System™ is, at its essence, a leadership development system designed to increase clients’ individual and collective leadership effectiveness. And, while doing so, help them increase the effectiveness of the other five systems: metrics, accountability, communication, delivery systems, and human performance. Learn more

You can also access our worldwide calendar of upcoming training events here.

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