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Essential Development Workshop

We have created this workshop to support those who want to go further and deeper, not only in your use of the Leadership Circle Profile, but in your coaching and consulting practice. Mastery of facilitating transformation—mastery in the use of the Leadership Circle Profile as a breakthrough tool for transformative conversation—has its own learning curve for which most of our certified coaches/consultants want and need additional support. This workshop supports the following objectives: 

  • Learn how to leverage our Leadership Circle Profile, designed for the specific purpose of creating an opening for a deep and transforming conversation with leaders.
  • Better understand the nuances, complexity, and mastery of debriefs.

Debriefs for Breakthrough Results

In this three-day workshop you will:

  • Learn more about the core frameworks, models, and theory that underpin the Leadership Circle Profile and how to skillfully weave these into your client conversations.
  • Receive and practice a thorough template or roadmap for debriefing the Leadership Circle Profile and receive feedback on each element in the flow of a great debrief.
  • Learn to use powerful context setting frames or lenses through which to observe your client and engage them with greater impact.
  • Learn how controlling, protecting, and complying dynamics present themselves in you as a coach and how you can access your experience in coaching sessions differently to more effectively engage each type.
  • Practice articulating the differences between the creative and reactive stance in a way that powerfully speaks to your client.
  • Learn how to use our key models for helping your client to gain access and  insight into the inside-outside dynamics of their leadership.
  • Explore how to more powerfully leverage yourself and your stories as a vehicle for transformational shift.
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