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Setting 2014 Leadership Goals

2014 is just around the corner. As you think about setting goals to improve your leadership, keep these principles in mind.

Set SMART Goals

  • Specific–Set clear and defined goals. If goals are too vague or general, they are harder to achieve.
  • Measureable–Create ways to measure the success of your goals. You’ll find more success if you know you are actually achieving something.
  •  Attainable–Goals should be realistic and not too extreme. Set goals that stretch you but don’t leave you falling short.
  • Relevant–Goals should be relevant to your life and career. Set goals that keep you aligned with the direction you’ve set.
  • Time–Give goals a realistic time frame. A commitment to a deadline helps you focus and provides a sense of urgency to accomplish the goal.

Focus on a few goals

  • Setting a few small achievable goals will lead you to more successes. We all know leaders are ambitious people, but the accomplishment of goals decreases with every additional goal you set.

Write your goals down

  • The phrase “set in stone” isn’t that far out there when it comes to goal setting. By writing a goal down, it becomes more real and easier to remember.

Stay motivated with rewards

  • It may seem overly simple, but setting rewards for accomplishing your goals is one of the most effective ways to increase success rates. Set rewards that motivate you enough to see your goal through to the end.



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