Spiritual Boot Camp for Top Executives

In May, Bob Anderson, Founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, was in Australia to speak at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific Conference, Wisdom at Work: Developing Leaders for a Complex World. His visit was covered by The Australian, Australia’s largest newspaper, in an article entitled, “Spiritual Boot Camp for Top Executives.” The article did an excellent job conveying the need for leadership development and The Leadership Circle’s approach to developing leaders capable of leading in today’s complex world. The article also features comments from Roma Gaster, a Director with The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific.

An excerpt from the story…

Leadership is a “developable” skill. It takes effort, and often the help of many others, to go through the journey to become an effective leader. This journey, Anderson says, is a personal one, akin to the spiritual journey that people take in order to create changes within themselves.

Wise leadership, he says, is a “cultivated awareness that consistently produces uncommon insight”. It is the “ability to set a vision for the organization” in the midst of complexity.

To view the entire “Spiritual Boot Camp for Top Executives”, click here.


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