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The Promise of Leadership – Clear the high bar of expectation, By Bob Anderson and Bill Adams

October, 2015 | by Douglas Day
When we step into positions of leadership, we make a set of promises in the form of expectations. We all expect certain things from our leaders, and these expectations constitute the Promise of Leadership. Leadership expectations come in two forms: 1) Explicit: expressed expectations for certain outcomes that come with […]

INSPIRED MENTORING – A LOST ART: A guide to tapping collective expertise, heart and soul

September, 2014 | by Dan Holden
I arrived late to the gate on the mentoring train. I’ve been busy all of my life making a name for my business and myself. I’ve trained hard to know my customers and respond to what was in their best interests. Twenty-five years self-employed as an organizational consultant, I know […]

Business Results and Effective Leadership – “Effective Leaders Outperform Ineffective Leaders every time.”

March, 2014 | by W. A. (Bill) Adams
Leaders are experiencing expanding global competition, accelerating pace of change, mind-numbing complexity, and increasing instability.  We work with leaders all over the world and most are seeing a growing gap between the rate at which complexity is increasing and their own capacity to lead.  This leaves us with the questions; […]

Mentor Moment : Self Perception and Evaluator Scores

August, 2013 | by Shahmeen Sadiq
In teaching and mentoring coaches and consultants as they incorporate The Leadership Circle tools into their practices, I’m often asked questions about how to interpret the differences between the self-scores and the scores given by evaluators. For example: Most leaders are arrogant and would likely overestimate their Creative leadership qualities […]

This Is The Leadership World (Do Not Be Afraid)

May, 2013 | by Dan Holden
This article for business leaders begins with an admonition that curiously shows up in all the world’s religions. Author and minister Frederick Beuchner summed it best when he wrote, “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Do not be afraid.” I remembered this when a colleague asked […]

Gamefilming – Developing an Extraordinary Awareness to Becoming Highly Effective

March, 2013 | by Tim JohnPress
About seven years ago I had the opportunity of doing my Leadership Circle certification with my good friend and mentor Bob Anderson, though at the time it didn’t seem like one. I was distracted for much of the certification, too preoccupied at the time with a rapidly growing consulting firm […]

A New Journey for a New Year

January, 2013 | by Katherine Anderson
Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to you all! Hoping this one is better than the last. We are glad to be on this journey with you, and 2012 surely was a journey. Amongst Certifications, Authentic Leader, Leadership Profiles and Culture Surveys, The Leadership Circle held its very first […]

A Ritual For Leaders: Three Ancient Practices That Revitalize Everything

December, 2012 | by Dan Holden
In the days leading up to the American presidential election I easily lapsed into feelings and thoughts that forces much greater than me were at play and threatened to take me where I did not wish to go. I struggled to remain awake, open to new information and yet discerning, […]

The Forgotten Self – Revisiting Executive Development for the 21st Century

November, 2012 | by Dan Holden
I have worked in executive leadership development for over twenty-five years and currently serve as an executive coach for the University of Notre Dame’s Executive MBA program. Our old ways of growing leaders are not enough to prepare us for the complexity, terror, uncertainty and excitement of the days we […]

Leadership Doorways: A Different Kind of Dialogue Can Transform the Results Your Organization Gets

October, 2012 | by Dan Holden
I was an eighteen-year-old college student when, two months into my first semester, I received word that a boyhood friend had been killed in a highway accident. My family told me to stay at school; there was no need to join the many people who would no doubt be at the […]

Spiritual Boot Camp for Top Executives

August, 2012 | by Andrew Bennett
In May, Bob Anderson, Founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, was in Australia to speak at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific Conference, Wisdom at Work: Developing Leaders for a Complex World. His visit was covered by The Australian, Australia’s largest newspaper, in an article entitled, “Spiritual Boot Camp for […]

People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care

June, 2012 | by Michael O'Connor
After weeks of procrastination, I finally gave in and took the family laptop to the technical support desk at one of those big box electronics stores.

Why Leadership Development is a Process, Not an Event

March, 2012 | by Jonathan Hulsh
For over eight years I’ve had the privilege of engaging in nearly a thousand conversations with decision-makers in a variety of medium to large organizations.

Setting Your Creative Focus for 2012

January, 2012 | by Andrew Bennett
As practitioners we’re often so busy working with our clients, helping them use The Leadership Circle framework to become better leaders, that we don’t have time to harvest the bounty from the model to improve our own performance. With a new year starting, here are three ways to use The Leadership Circle’s framework to set your focus for a great 2012.

The Spirit of Leadership

December, 2011 | by Andrew Bennett
“The organizational system cannot operate at a higher level of performance than the consciousness of its leadership.” This statement, made by The Leadership Circle’s Founder and CEO Bob Anderson, highlights a fundamental truth that eludes most leadership development initiatives. In our white paper, The Spirit of Leadership, Bob explains how to develop the level of consciousness required to lead in the midst of escalating complexity and demands.

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