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See What Your
Leadership is Missing

Our breakthrough 360° assessment will open your eyes.

When it comes to your own leadership, you’re probably missing information vital to get and maintain a competitive leadership advantage by viewing the whole picture. Anything less is not going to cut it these days.

Discover a 360-degree assessment that measures more than just competencies (like everyone else). Measure the reactive behaviors that limit, and can unleash, a leader’s effectiveness.

For the first time, you’ll see what a leader is doing and why they are doing it. We’ll show you a tool that raises a leader’s awareness and provides a pathway for positive change.

So get serious about your leadership; take a virtual Test Drive today.

Once you have watched the video, request a free consultation. We guarantee you’ll see leadership through new eyes.

Make the Test Drive Work for You

If you are a licensee or coach and want to learn how to make this Test Drive personal and use it in your own selling process, The Leadership Circle has also created a Guide to the Test Drive video. In this video, Jonathan Hulsh gives an overview of his tried and tested Test Drive, explains why he presents in the way he does, gives tips for making the Test Drive your own, and tells stories of success in using this method.

Note: If you have not already watched the full Test Drive video above, please watch before viewing this Guide to the Test Drive. We recommend that the video toolbar be used to play the video in 1080p HD and full-screen mode for the optimal presentation.