“The organizational system cannot operate at a higher level of performance than the consciousness of its leadership.” This statement, made by The Leadership Circle’s Founder and CEO Bob Anderson, highlights a fundamental truth that eludes most leadership development initiatives. In our white paper, The Spirit of Leadership, Bob explains how to develop the level of consciousness required to lead in the midst of escalating complexity and demands.

The paper covers four primary topics:

  • Why most organizational change efforts fail
  • A model that enables truly effective management of change
  • The most powerful leverage point for leaders in creating real and sustainable change
  • An accessible approach to leadership development that can produce significant, sustainable, breakthrough results

We invite you to download The Spirit of Leadership (alternatively, you can view all of our White Papers by choosing the “Resources” tab at the top right side of the page, then “White Papers”). This document is a foundational summary of our approach. If you’ve read it before we recommend you read it again. If you want to become familiar with our thinking this paper is essential.

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