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Tips on How to Assess Management’s Effectiveness

How does a board, often made up of non-executive directors, assess the quality of the management team and its ability to deal with a world of increasing complexity? Greg Lourey, Commercial & Governance Director at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific, provides some answers.

Firstly, Lourey believes executives need to develop certain capabilities in order to make effective decisions. Among these capabilities are the ability to stand back, to see the big picture, and to develop a capacity for systemic thinking–that is, being able to see the “ripple effects” of decisions rather than just the immediate consequences. Also important is the ability to recognize that issues are bigger than just the organization and to make sense of the wider patterns in the organization’s markets and industry.

Lourey says a telltale sign that leadership is ineffective is when executive teams become problem-focused or risk-focused and react to obstacles. Contrarily, effective executive teams are much more likely to be outcome-focused.

To read the entire article by Lourey – which was originally published in Volume 10 Issue 15 of The Boardroom Report, published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors – click here. Lourey’s article can be found on Page 4.

About Greg Lourey

Lourey serves as a partner and Commercial & Governance Director at The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific.  He has worked with executives and senior teams in the United Kingdom, US, and Australia over a period of 25 years advising businesses in systems effectiveness, operational efficiency, organizational structuring, risk management, business start-ups, and culture transformation.

Lourey’s early career was spent in local government undertaking a Bachelor of Local Government Law before completing his degree in Commerce and moving to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). There, he specialized in assurance services to multinational listed corporations, government instrumentalities, and SME’s before moving into practice in the areas of insolvency, acquisitions, listings, mergers, forensic accounting, and risk management. As a director responsible for organizational risk management, Lourey became office managing partner for PwC for the Hunter Region and oversaw the strategic growth of the practice for seven years, including a firm merger and culture transformation.

The Leadership Circle is proud to have Greg Lourey as a licensee in the Asia Pacific region. The Leadership Circle also has licensees in South Africa and the United Kingdom and is currently looking to expand into other parts of the world. Contact us for more information.


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