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Executive Coaches for Exceptional Leaders

Our Executive Coaches work with Australia’s most influential C-Level Leaders to drive exceptional results and inspire, transform and elevate their organisations through challenging times. With Executive experience and industry-leading knowledge, their expertise utilises the world’s best tools and data to accelerate leadership and organisational growth.

Leadership Expectations +

Today’s leaders are expected to guide their organisations through a world with unprecedented pace, overwhelming complexity, and ever-increasing uncertainty, that affects communities both local and global. To rise to this challenge, leaders must constantly learn, adapt and match their complexity of mind with the world’s complexity. Our industry-leading coaches are here to support leaders’ developmental journeys to show up, improve engagement, transform organisation culture and realise big missions and visions which impact communities and beyond.

Create Impact.

We work with some of Australia’s most prominent leaders to meet the biggest challenges of this new world with the right mindset, culture, creativity and approach. From transforming Australia’s energy system to harness the latest renewable technologies, defining the role of financial services organisations in natural disasters like fires and floods, to vastly improving efficiency and speed of major pharmaceutical trials to create life saving medication, the work we do has real impact.

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Increase capability, adaptability, & confidence.

Our work with executives purposefully builds and integrates leadership capability, adaptability and confidence under the demanding conditions of organisational leadership. This approach not only leads to enhanced leadership effectiveness and improved business results, but also brings about a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° Assessment.

Leadership Circle Coaches are industry-leading and certified in the best tools. The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° Assessment (LCP) is the cornerstone of all coaching engagements, with 20+ years and more than 300 million data points collected. Combined with a suite of integrated tools, from Pulse™ to Qualitative Leadership Assessments, the LCP is the first step in gaining an in-depth understanding of your leadership effectiveness and elevating consciousness. 

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Speak the language of leadership.

Leadership Circle Coaches work from a common leadership language and framework. Trained in the Universal Model of Leadership™, Leadership Circle Coaches help leaders develop a comprehensive approach to their development, with clear principles for change. We have a global presence, an international reach, and unparalleled expertise in translating theory into action.

Who benefits from coaching +

Leaders who are:

  • in transition
  • leading a new team
  • facing significant market changes
  • experiencing limitations of current ways of working
  • needing to shift to more agile principles
  • leading the development agenda and organisational transformation

The Ripple Effects Have Been Enormous.

“For an organisation going through change or disruption – or simply trying to become more nimble, more flexible, more agile, more responsive to changing customer needs – I would encourage you to do The Leadership Circle Profile.”

Peter HarmerFormer CEO, IAG

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