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Leadership that elevates humanity is rare.

Real leadership is inspiring, stirring, and unexpectedly effective. This leap towards genuine leadership only happens through deliberate development, increasing a leader’s effectiveness by helping them move from reactive leadership to an integral approach.

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While good leadership is always inspiring, the process of becoming a great leader involves work. But work is only effective when it’s moving in the right direction. That is why it is critical to build your leadership development plan on a foundation of data. By participating in a Leadership Circle Profile, leaders can discover their strengths and use our incredible dataset to see exactly where they stand and what they need to do to improve. In short, we provide the data and direction, you provide the effort.

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From stand-alone assessments, to full-length organisational transformational engagements, we partner with you to provide what’s needed now.

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Designed for leaders, teams, and whole organisations, Leadership Circle assessments are built to support business performance and effectiveness.

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Engage our global community of Leadership Circle Coaches who use the Universal Model of Leadership as foundational to their practice. Open up a new world of learning, insights and tools, and technology-enabled data that has the power to change the effectiveness of your work and grow your business exponentially.

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Our Leadership System tools help your organisation develop leaders by practice over time. Leadership development is not a one-time event but takes engagement, coaching, and nurturing over time to establish lasting, sustainable transformation.

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From Group Effectiveness Assessments to Organisational Mapping Assessments to Team Effectiveness Assessments, custom Pulse Survey Reports, and many more, our Leadership Circle Custom Assessments team has the latest data and expertise to serve your organisation’s custom needs.

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Leadership Circle is your partner in the conscious practice of leadership. Whether this is your first step in leadership development or you are looking to scale organisational leadership competitive advantages over multi-year cycles, we’ve got you covered.

Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° Assessment

Great leadership takes conscious practice to develop, and that practice starts with deep awareness. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the first step to build awareness in a leader of their strengths and areas for development.

The most comprehensive leadership assessment system available, The Leadership Circle Profile is the first competency tool to measure both the inner and outer attributes of leadership. Organised into a powerful system for understanding human behaviour and development, the Leadership Circle Profile provides unparalleled insight into how leaders lead—and opportunities for growth.

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Collective Leadership Assessment™

Collective Leadership is a competitive advantage that is rarely leveraged. This assessment helps teams of leaders discover how to leverage their various strengths to ascend to a new level of effectiveness.

Collective Leadership Assessment delivers an in-depth view of the collective leadership of a team or organisation, evaluating things like effectiveness, impact, and opportunities. Deep insights are delivered through a powerful gap analysis that can help teams make a desired state a current reality.

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Leadership System™

The Conscious practice of leadership is best when practised together. The Leadership System was created to enable a developmental shift for many, whether groups, teams, or entire organisations.

The Leadership System is an integrated system for developing leaders at scale toward greater Creative leadership effectiveness and results. This System includes development, assessments, and support at the individual, team, and organisation levels. The Leadership System imbues an organisation with lasting and sustainable transformation.

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Leadership Circle Custom Assessment Products

Leadership Circle Custom Assessment Products span the gamut of qualitative, quantitative, and comprehensive assessments for organisational leadership development. Our data scientists focus on providing your organisation with the best assessments and rich data analysis for your particular business needs or field. Reach out today to learn how we can partner to serve your organisation’s custom needs.

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LeadTech® drives our cutting-edge digital platform poised to provide unprecedented access to integrated leadership development, coaching, and scale, promoting accessibility, informed choice, data insight, and action through the technological frontier. Built with leaders and practitioners in mind to accelerate a vision for leadership that elevates humanity – this lift requires scale for exceptional conscious leadership in every corner of the earth.

Leadership development is ongoing; we’ve made it sustainable.

“The Leadership Circle Profile is an extraordinary aid for accelerating the development of leaders. This 360-degree process is an integral part of both our Executive MBA programs and our non-degree leadership programs. There are two elements that distinguish the Leadership Circle Profile from its competitors. First, the instrument itself focuses on the critical developmental components associated with long-term effectiveness. Second, the team of feedback coaches is second to none – absolutely world-class.”

Leo BurkeDirector, Climate Investing Initiative at University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business

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