Leadership System

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The Leadership System consists of five major components, each reinforcing and adding to the others

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Discovery & diagnosis, organizational communication, the Leadership Circle Profile™ administration, client relationship management, etc. Beginning with the most comprehensive example to a single Leader to Leader™ workshop, we meet clients where they are and help them to become more effective.

The promise of leadership

The Promise of Leadership workshop

A half-day or full-day workshop that frames a collective view of leadership functioning as the kick-off for our Leadership System™. It embeds our Core Leadership Framework™ to guide all development work delivering Leadership Circle Profile feedback in a group context. It begins the feedback assimilation process and organizes the next steps.

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Leader to leader

Leader to Leader

A cohort-based series of half-day or full-day leadership effectiveness sessions that can span years of work.  Built upon The Leadership Circle™ framework, 16 available sessions encompass a full curriculum of hard-hitting leadership topics providing regular opportunities for peer coaching and accountability. Each session can be delivered face to face or virtually.

Pulse survey

Pulse Survey

These near-real-time surveys reinforce a leader’s commitment to their Leadership Development Plan™ by inviting an accountability team of colleagues to give direct feedback on how they are following through on their commitment. Measurement of performance against goals over time is vital to the functioning of any system.

One-on-One Coaching

Every engagement is enhanced by one-on-one coaching. The payback for leaders is worth the investment. The combination of peer cohort coaching with one-on-one leadership coaching is compounding effect.

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The Promise of Leadership™ workshop, is the beginning of the journey to self-discovery, identifying specific attitudes and behaviors that prevent leaders from being effective.

The Promise of Leadership™ workshop is a transformative personal and professional experience. In only four hours, it provides a powerful catalyst to dramatically increase leadership effectiveness.

Built around The Leadership Circle Profile™, the program helps leaders focus on and develop their creative leadership competencies. These skills have been shown to improve the participant’s leadership abilities, bring out the best in others, and significantly increase the performance of the overall business.

The workshop also helps leaders identify and mitigate tendencies that hinder effectiveness, such as emphasizing caution over action, self-protection over productive engagement, and confrontation over collaboration.


  • A common framework and language to address and improve leadership
  • Accelerated progress toward near-term organizational goals
  • A foundation for the organization’s long-term leadership agenda

The Promise of Leadership™ workshop gives participants a practical framework for professional growth. The model is simple and elegant, offering leaders a quick and highly accurate snapshot of their current approach to leadership, and an assessment of its effectiveness. The feedback they receive, based on The Leadership Circle Profile™ already completed, creates immediate awareness of how they perform as leaders. And the process offers tangible, clearly actionable practices for improvement that they can start putting to work the same day.

Each session includes discussion of:

  • Practical definitions of leadership and leadership effectiveness
  • The importance of feedback and how to best use it
  • How to read the assessment tool
  • Results from The Leadership Circle Profile™
  • Why Creative Competencies are more effective than Reactive Tendencies
  • How to translate learning into practice


The Promise of Leadership™ workshop has been facilitated on a one-on-one basis, or for a team as large as 25 to 30 individuals. This half-day program also has been expanded to a full day to include additional custom content, including optional experiential exercises. It can be deployed broadly across the organization, from the C-Suite to the manager level, providing a consistent and unifying development experience and building the foundation for a more creative, effective culture of leadership.

Leaders face extraordinary demands on their time. This workshop can provide critical insights and create strong, positive energy in the organization in a single day. The key lies in creating awareness of the effect the leader has on others – both positive and negative – and by offering practical strategies leaders can implement immediately.

Leader to Leader

As the effects of globalization set in, leadership development must keep pace with the rate of change a company is experiencing in the external market.  An organization cannot perform at a level higher than the consciousness of its leadership team.  Successful organizations are those that strive to keep pace with the escalating complexity of our times.

The Leader to Leader™ program is a highly interactive series of sessions in which high-potential individuals come together to learn and practice new leadership skills to increase both their leadership effectiveness and business performance. By leveraging the power of group dynamics, this picture can become your reality.  Leader to Leader™ offers a powerful combination of business issue resolution with accelerated professional and personal development for your key cross-functional leaders or intact teams.

The Leader to Leader™ journey begins with an initial assessment of each leader and an introductory workshop.  Following this, the group meets for facilitated half day sessions 4-6 weeks apart.  Each Leader to Leader™ session presents a new content area, with a specific focus tailored to the developmental needs of the group. The sessions include:

  • Mapping Your Journey
  • Accountability and Leadership Development Plan
  • Moving Toward Your Vision
  • Trust
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Leading through Change
  • Relationship Building
  • Achieving
  • Systems Thinking
  • Integrity
  • Sustaining Energy, Focus and Commitment
  • Prioritization
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Listening as a Leader
  • Transformation
  • Taking Stock

Pulse Survey

The Pulse Survey™ Process allows leaders to track their development progress against their development goals and associated behaviors. Three assessments are conducted over an 8-month period. After each assessment, results are captured in a brief, clearly illustrated summary report that leaders can use to chart their progress and determine which areas are in need of further development.

As part of the leadership development process, our coaches assist leaders in identifying  “One Big Thing™” they can work on to improve and behaviors the leader wants to address that will have the most impact on their leadership effectiveness. This information is entered into a baseline survey composed of rating scales and a comment/recommendation section. The survey is then administered to the leader’s Accountability Circle, which typically includes 5 to 6 coworkers selected by the leader for their ability to offer candid feedback. These raters assess the leader’s current levels of performance in the goal area and on specific positive and negative behaviors associated with that goal. Raters may also offer relevant commentary about the leader’s pursuit of the goal and related behaviors.

Approximately 3 to 4 months after the baseline survey, a Pulse Survey™ is administered to the leader’s Accountability Circle. This survey is similar to the baseline survey, with ratings of perceived changes in the leader’s performance added to the measures of current performance levels.

The Pulse™ report summarizes the leader’s current performance and compares that to baseline performance, providing additional insight into the progress achieved since beginning the leadership development work.

Again, rater recommendations regarding ways to improve performance are included in the report.

At the conclusion of the work on the identified goal and behaviors, typically 6 to 8 months after the baseline is established, a final survey is administered to the Accountability Circle to gauge the leader’s success in changing overall leadership performance. This modified pulse survey includes all items from the previous pulse, as well as five additional items from The Leadership Circle Profile™ that reflect overall leadership effectiveness. Included in the final survey are two open-ended items designed to gather feedback on the leader’s greatest leadership strength and challenge.

A comprehensive report is then generated to illuminate final levels of performance, changes in performance over the past 3 to 4 months, and comparisons of current leadership effectiveness to baseline measures of leadership effectiveness. The map of progress is charted through time series tracking across assessments and summarizations of leadership strengths and challenges.


Six Systems Circle broken into sections: metrics, accountability, communication, delivery systems, human performance, leadership

The 6 Systems


In their book, The Whole Systems Approach, Bill and Cindy Adams detail six interlocking systems that must be tended to during major organizational change. Ensuring that these six systems are aligned and functioning is the responsibility of the organization’s leadership.

The Leadership System™ is a leadership development system, designed to increase individual and collective leadership effectiveness.  While doing so, help them to increase the effectiveness of the other systems.

Built on Adult Learning Theory

Underlying the design of the Leadership System™ is adult learning theory. David Kolb in his landmark work, Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, positioned that four linked styles of learning are necessary for adults to learn and change.  (See below)

Concrete Experience

Adults utilize experiences as anchors for learning. We like to learn from work and life.  Therefore, our Leadership System™ connects directly with the real challenges and objectives of leaders at every turn and every conversation.

Reflective Observation

We learn as we reflect on our experiences to deriving meaning from them.  As an experience is filtered through our structure of mind, a narrative is created giving the experience unique meaning. In the best learning experiences, we reflect on the experience from a variety of angles, giving us a broader perspective. The Leader to Leader™ cohorts help to provide valuable perspective for each member as they make meaning out of their experiences.

Image of Kolb's Adult Learning Cycle: Concrete experiences, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, active experimentation

Abstract Conceptualization

As an experience is reflected on from a variety of angles, a generalizable theory, principle, or concept emerges.  A “rule of thumb” about what to do in certain types of leadership situations begins to solidify.

Active Experimentation

In this step, the leader takes the new lesson and puts it into practice through a series of behavioral experiments. For example, if the lesson concerns authentic conversations, the leader will commit to having an authentic conversation during key circumstances, thereby opening the door to more authentic conversations. A generative cycle begins.