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The Unity Academy

The Unity Academy is a community of transformation and a master practitioner school for Unity in-formed integral practice—the practice of conscious leadership, consulting, and coaching beyond the Creative level. The academy is an integral master practitioner school grounded in a comprehensive integration (both theoretical, scientific, and experiential) of many diverse traditions: energetic healing, Aikido, spiritual/wisdom traditions (North, South, East, West), quantum science (physics, biology, neurology), psychology (cognitive, adult development), and shadow healing (individual, intergenerational, collective). These traditions, integrated within the practice of leadership and organizational transformation, have much to offer us about how to be more effective coaches, consultants, and leaders. This academy is about expanding the human meta-capacities that allow us to become a more transformative agent for our clients and for our organizations.

The Unity Academy is founded on the presumption of inherent Unity, the principle that everything is inherently one, that we are all each other, that we are not separate from the divine, from each other, or from the planet. This presumption of non-separate Reality means, as Emerson said, “We lie in the lap of immense intelligence which makes us the receiver of its truth and the organs of its activity.” All the information needed to create a thriving future on this planet is available to us if we but learn how to access it and intentionally shape it. This is not philosophy or metaphysics; it is physics.

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North America

  • Foundations: June 18–21, 2024
  • The Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue: Sept. 16–20, 2024
  • Deep Process: Dec. 4–6, 2024
  • Application and Manifestation: March 17–21, 2025
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  • Foundations: Oct. 22–25, 2024
  • The Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue: May 19–23, 2025
  • Deep Process: July 23–25, 2025
  • Application and Manifestation: Oct. 20–24, 2025
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Questions? Contact Julia Fulk at julia.fulk@leadershipcircle.com.


North America

Development Hub, Leadership Circle Headquarters, Draper, Utah


Location to be determined. We will update this space once a location is confirmed.

Additional Notes

  • These workshops will be supported with pre-workshop and post-workshop virtual sessions. Some virtual sessions will include guest appearances from other thought leaders.
  • Participants will be required to sign a legally binding document acknowledging that they know about and are willing to engage the personal depth of the work.
  • Workshops will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day, except the last day, which will run until 4 p.m. We do not want participants leaving early on the last day. We understand that this may necessitate an extra night’s stay. Please plan accordingly.
  • All workshops will accrue CEUs. Those who successfully complete the Unity Academy will receive a Master Certification Certificate from Leadership Circle.
  • LCP Certification is recommended but not required for participation in the Unity Academy.


Participants can enroll in the entire Unity Academy or one course at a time. It is less expensive to enroll in the whole academy. Seating is limited. Priority will be given to those who enroll in the entire academy.

Note: The Deep Process workshop and Applications and Manifestation workshop both require that you have attended the Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue workshop.

Academy Tuition

Tuition: $18,985  |  €17,850

*Discounts for those who participated in the pilot workshops in 2023 will be granted.

Workshop Prices

Foundations (includes both LCP and STAGES assessments and debriefs): $6,795  |  €6,395

The Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue: $5,995  |  €5,650

Deep Process: $3,595  |  €3,380

Application and Manifestation: $5,995  |  €5,650

Cancellation Policy

For any transfer requests made with written notice:

  • 60 days prior to the start date of Unity Academy workshop, there is no cost.
  • Within 60 days prior to the start date of certification, a fee of 15% will be assessed.

Cancellations made in writing:

  • More than eight (8) weeks prior to the start date of workshop will receive a refund of 75% of price paid.
  • Less than eight (8) but more than four (4) weeks prior to the start date of the workshop will receive a refund of 50% of
 price paid.
  • Less than four (4) but more than two (2) weeks prior to the start date of the workshop will receive a refund of 25% of
 price paid.

Cancellations made without written notice, within two (2) weeks of the event, or a second cancellation will result in no

You can elect to have your refund held as credit toward future Unity Academy offerings.

The Leadership Circle does not apply transfer fees, refunds, or credits toward any program other than Unity Academy programs listed by The Leadership Circle for the U.S. or Europe on its website.


The academy is the holder of a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop the meta-capabilities that come with later stages of development and greater access to the unified field of intelligence—capabilities that are resident within all human beings and that are largely left undeveloped and atrophied. These capabilities include:

  • Intuition: Intuitive access to the subtle informational energies of the quantum field for being informed about and accelerating the manifestation of the emergent future that wants to come through our lives, work, and organizations.
  • Higher Purpose: Surrendering self-authorship of personal and organizational purpose and vision (Creative level) into being authored by an emergent future (Unity in-formed integral level).
  • Energetic Mastery: Opening into expanded states of awareness, allowing more intense flows of energy and information through the body, and thereby, being more plugged-in to the field of infinite intelligence. This happens by:
    • Energy and Awareness Practices: The use of attention and intention to open and expand energetic pathways and flows through the body.
    • Embodiment Practices: Grounding these higher energies in the body, being more fully here and present, and showing up in the moments of our lives resonating inner stillness and expanded awareness that is transformative.
    • Shadow Healing: Facing and transforming individual, intergenerational, and collective shadows that live in us, that limit and distort the flow of energy/information through us, thus, limiting and distorting our futures.
  • Non-Violence: First do no harm. Make no enemies. Holding difficult, conflictual conversations from the presumption that my view is partial, that I have something important to learn from the conflict, and that the other is myself (If I violate you, I violate me). In doing so, moving beyond resolution, beyond win-win, to include reconciliation.
  • Dialogue: Sitting together, listening to, and speaking from/as the unified field of intelligence for breakthrough wisdom, learning, and insight on purpose, vision, strategy, vital next steps, and the innovations necessary to create the desired future.
  • Manifestation: Working with intension at higher states of awareness, energy, and information to “in-form,” shape, “in-tension,” and call forth from the unified field accelerated manifestation of the emergent future.
  • System Transformation: Using all the above to discover leverage points (a simple, elegant change that has a large systemwide impact) within the systems/ecosystems/ecology we are co-creating. Redesigning systems and transforming cultures so that they are sustainably fit for purpose.
  • Inherent Unity: While this is not a school for direct realization or enlightenment, it will be fundamentally consistent with these realizing, contemplative, and indigenous traditions. It will draw practices from them and will point beyond the presumption of our inherent unity to unitive awareness, to the human potential of leading and living from and as inherent Unity.
  • Presence: Using all the above to radiate transformative presence; a presence that catalyzes possibilities and opens the space such that what wants to happen can happen; a presence that has a transformative effect on others, teams, and organizations; a presence that is undefended, safe, non-violent, radically human, accepting, compassionate, and loving—a presence that radiates Unity.

Unity Academy Framework

The academy will explicate the deeper underpinning of Leadership Circle’s Universal Model of Leadership toward real-world application and service. The academy is guided by a paradigm of Reality now emerging in the world that incorporates and encompasses both scientific, energetic, and spiritual wisdom. This framework will be taught throughout so that participants will leave with a clear-eyed understanding of the new paradigm from which they operate. If you don’t understand the fundamentals, you can’t master them. This understanding of Reality’s essential structure expedites development into Unity in-formed integral capability. This framework will be experienced as profound, scientific, and spiritual, but not religious. The academy assumes the license to move back and forth, in and out, of both science and spirituality to demonstrate how these two domains of inquiry are sighting the same fundamental Reality through different lenses. While the academy will hold to a very rigorously integrated understanding of the nature and structure of Reality, it will be pluralistic—welcoming and inclusive of the many forms of practice, privileging none.

For more on this integration, see the white paper, “The Future of Leadership Is Integral: In-formed by Unity.” See also the Deep Connect Series, a series of video conversations between Bob Anderson and leading scientists and thought leaders pioneering this new paradigm of Reality.

White PaperDeep Connect Series

What We'll Do

This academy houses a multifaceted set of practices where each practice supports the unfolding of all the others.

These include learning:

  • The deeper underpinnings of the Leadership Circle Model and Profile, how they integrate with the STAGES assessment and framework, and how to work more deeply with your client when using the LCP.
  • The Unity In-Formed Model of Reality as it applies to coaching, consulting, and leading in organizations.
  • Energetic and awareness practices that open expanded states of awareness.
  • To open intuitive access to the quantum informational field.
  • To work energetically within the human energy field of your individual and organizational client to accelerate healing and becoming.
  • To embody, resonate if not radiate, a presence that is transformative.
  • Integral Relationship: Connected, powerful, authentic, non-manipulative, non-violent, resolving, synthesizing, win-win, and reconciling communication.
  • To work deeply and effectively with individual, transgenerational, and collective trauma, wounds, and shadows.
  • To engage in and facilitate dialogue for breakthrough insight and innovation.
  • To use expanded states to accelerate the manifestation of as yet emergent individual and organizational futures.

These meta-capabilities are required in the “fierce urgency of now” (MLK Jr.) if we are to navigate the current chaos and complexity, let alone usher in a sustainable and thriving future for our organizations and for the planet.

The Unity Academy is more than a set of workshops. It is a community of transformation that aims to further evolve these meta-capabilities in its members such that each member becomes an agent of transformation.

Transformation is a fundamental and permanent change of structure and state within a person, group, or system. When someone (or an organization) is transformed, they are never the same. They are healed; that is, made more whole, heathy, coherent, integrated, alive, free, expanded, powerful, and effective. As such, you can expect from this entire experience to be exquisitely supported (by the faculty and in community) in working deeply, fiercely, and compassionately within yourself. You will meet your deepest longings as well as your deepest fears and shadows (personal and collective). Be forewarned. This is the real work of transformation. It is not for the faint of heart. And you will never be the same.

Curriculum Overview

The Unity Academy is a yearlong sequential series of residential workshops supported by virtual sessions. It is a community of transformation. As the community deepens, it provides a powerful and safe container for the vulnerability of the work. It also becomes more and more capable of holding a field that quickens and catalyzes breakthroughs. This is why we encourage you to enroll in the entire yearlong experience. The sequence of residential sessions is described below.

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This four-day workshop will be facilitated by Bob Anderson and Terri O’Fallon. Prior to the workshop, participants will fill out and be debriefed on the LCP and the STAGES Assessments. This workshop will provide an integration of Terri’s adult development STAGES framework, the fundamental underpinning framework of the LCP, and the Unity in-formed integral model that forms the underpinnings of the Unity Academy. In addition, it will experientially explore the seven practices of Creative leadership, work somatically with the STAGES development framework (emphasizing what emerges at later states), and introduce the framework and practices of future coursework within the academy.

This workshop will launch the process of the school. It promises to be a very powerful personal and leadership development experience. Participants will leave with an expanded capability to use the LCP for working in a deep and transformative way with their clients at whatever is their stage of development. This workshop can be taken independently of going further on in the academy.

View full Foundations workshop description.

The Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue

This five-day workshop will be facilitated by Bob Anderson, Joel Yanowitz, and Donna Evans Strauss. This workshop is integral. It is Unity in-formed. It is an integration (both theoretical, scientific, and experiential) of many diverse traditions: energetic healing, Aikido, spiritual/wisdom traditions (North, South, East, West), quantum science (physics, biology, neurology), psychology (depth, cognitive, adult development), and shadow/trauma healing (individual, intergenerational, collective). This workshop is about expanding the human meta-capacities that allow us to become a more transformative agent for our clients and for our organizations. It will help participants embody and ground stable access to progressively deeper dimensions of the quantum field (and/or the human energy field), open pathways of intuitive access to unified informational field and to the field of the client, and develop an unprecedented level of subtle access and transformative presence from which to work with clients and lead organizations. Finally, this workshop will introduce the practice of dialogue—collectively and intuitively listening to and speaking from the field of intelligence for breakthrough insight on important issues. Participants will experience a new and unexpected level of transformative power and presence from which to work and lead. This workshop can be taken independently of any other workshops in the academy.

View full Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue workshop description.

Deep Process

This three-day workshop will be facilitated by Donna Evans Strauss and Bob Anderson. This workshop will build upon the capability to be an intuitive transformative presence and will teach coaches and consultants how to facilitate very deep process work with their clients. Deep process work is one of the gateways to integral human development. The primary focus will be on working with shadow and/or trauma. Shadow work opens the flow of vitality, energy, information, intuitive access in the body. The result is far greater effective, undefended, wholehearted, radiant transformative presence from which to lead and work. Participants will learn a very accessible process for working deeply with the core wounds, blocks, distorted and disowned parts, and traumas (personal, intergenerational, and collective) that live within all of us. This is an essential capability for Unity in-formed integral coaching. Attendance at this workshop requires having completed the Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue workshop.

View full Deep Process workshop description.

Application and Manifestation

This five-day workshop will be facilitated by Bob Anderson, Chris Thorsen, Donna Evans Strauss, and Bill Adams. This workshop will build on all the above as it is applied. It will continue to work with Aikido and energetic and intuitive practices for individual, collective and systemic application. It will continue working with the practice of non-violent communication. It will explore the process of and capability to facilitate dialogue. This workshop will go beyond being informed by the field into practices that shape and “in-form” the field of manifestation. Participants will learn how to work at very expanded states of awareness, frequency, energy, and information density to accelerate the intuition and creation of an emergent future. Attendance at this workshop requires having completed the Energetics of Embodied Presence and Dialogue workshop.

View full Application and Manifestation workshop description.


Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson is co-founder of Leadership Circle and its chief knowledge officer. Bob has been a pacesetter in the field of leadership development for more than 30 years. He created The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360-degree assessment used by organizations worldwide, to measure the effectiveness of their leaders (individually and collectively), chart a pathway for their development, and assess their progress as they develop. He is the co-author of Scaling Leadership and Mastering Leadership.

Terri O'Fallon

Terri O’Fallon is a founder of STAGES International, the creator of the STAGES Matrix and assessments, and a leader on the frontier of transformational change in organizations and individuals. She has been teaching for more than 50 years and researching for more than 40 years. Terri has a Ph.D. in integral studies with a concentration in learning and change in human systems, and master’s degrees in spiritual direction and special education. These embodied experiences inform her primary theory, research, and teaching theme: that growing up is waking up throughout the lifespan.

Joel Yanowitz

Joel Yanowitz holds a fourth-degree black belt in Aikido. He has over 35 years’ experience as a coach and advisor. His approach integrates inner and outer development. Joel has helped countless business leaders drive growth, improve innovation, and build thriving cultures. Joel has hands-on experience launching and running companies. He was the co-founder and managing director of Innovation Associates, the firm that pioneered the field of Organizational Learning and brought the prestigious work of Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline, to organizations worldwide.

Donna Evans Strauss

Donna Evans Strauss currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She is also the Dean of Year Two Studies in North America and Dean of Year One Studies in Japan. Donna has taught and mentored others in transformational work internationally for over 35 years. Donna has a gift for helping people open their subtle high-sense perception and working within the individual and collective human energy field to effect transformation.

William (Bill) Adams

Bill Adams

Bill Adams is the co-founder and CEO of Leadership Circle. He is extensively sought out as a trusted advisor to CEO’s, top executives, and teams around the world to partner with them to unlock breakthrough performance, develop deep leadership capability and produce systemic, transformational business results. His clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups across multiple industries. Bill has co-authored many books in the leadership and system transformation space. Bill holds a master’s degree in interpersonal and organizational communication from the University of Montana.

Chris Thorsen

Chris Thorsen has advised senior leaders for over 50 years. He is a pioneer in the application of Aikido, The Art of Peace, and Bohm’s Dialogue to the embodiment of leadership mastery, team synergy, and organizational strategy. Chris has developed a practice for helping executive teams intentionally generate and sense the field of creative breakthrough innovation. In so doing, he’s helped technology companies lead their industries and international policy institutes establish their global presence.

Participant Endorsements

In 2023, Bob Anderson hosted, with the faculty, a series of pilot workshops that, taken together, evolved the Unity Academy. Each workshop focused on an aspect of the academy. After each workshop, there was a request to take the work further. The academy is a response to those requests. As you read the comments below, think of what the impact might be if you were steeped in this work multiple times over the course of a year and not just three days. A small sample of the comments from participants in these workshops is below.

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I cannot express enough gratitude for this experience as it has truly changed my life. I actually feel, in some ways, that it saved my life.

This is a powerful introduction to a radically different way of being, coaching and leading in a fragmented, disruptive world.

I tell you that no matter where you are in your journey, you will benefit tremendously from this workshop, both personally and professionally. At 60+ years old, with a clinical psychology and a coaching background, this has been the richest development initiative I have undertaken!

The facilitators were a lovely blend of genius, experience, and masters of this work.

It was one of the most unique learning experiences I have had.

This was powerful, beyond what I had imagined would be possible in a 3-day workshop. There are possibilities living in me now that will change the course of what’s ahead.

I experienced presence in a way that I never had before and didn’t even know was possible. What I discovered was the ability to tap into a field of energy and make a very strong connection with someone in the moment. Really incredible, and if I hadn’t experienced it multiple times during the course of the three days, I wouldn’t fully believe it was possible. And I now know I can tap into it at any time.

This workshop was PROFOUND. I will tell all my coaching colleagues that they should go experience it for themselves. Anything I could say about it would be insufficient!

I can sum up my experience in three words: unexpected, unbelievable, and unlocking – exactly what the world needs!

Arguably the most powerful learning experience I have had in many years. The instructors, easily counted among the best in the world, presented concepts that are confronting and transformational. This program hits squarely in the deepest regions of the body. I left with a vital new understanding of the “field”, the vastness of resources available to each of us, and a profoundly brave and new way of working with myself and with my clients.

The combination of knowledge from quantum physics combined with deep personal work on trauma and blockages enabled truly profound changes—a still very rare outcome in leadership coaching. It was also very touching to see how the field of participants finally became aware of the deep collective traumas that everyone carries within.

Regardless of the personal work you’ve done with yourself, the certifications, and licenses you’ve collected, or the wealth you’ve accumulated, you will leave with extraordinary new understanding of exactly WHAT you are (not just who) and what the universe is inviting you to say “YES” to now.

This is not a workshop. It is an immersive experience into the collective field of healing leaders and activating a new way forward. It is a portal for deeper coaching, expanded strategy, and profound impact. The use of aikido as an instrument into the body and the field is beautiful and brilliant.

What an unforgettable experience! I’m not sure if workshop is the right term for it. For me the experience evades categorization and that is part of what made it so great. I am hungry for more!

I loved how learning about the leading edge of quantum physics became palpable as we directly connected into it and felt the subtle energies in our bodies. By experiencing and practicing the work, we became more aware and sensitive to what is going on for our clients.

I love so much about this workshop.  First, bringing science and spirituality together and showing us how it’s all the same reality! Second, bringing coaching and healing together by demonstrating how our personal healing brings deeper Presence into our Coaching practice. Third, blending teaching and practice so the flow was beautiful and engaging.  Fourth, holding the intention to help us release our blocks so we can serve best as leaders and coaches. Fifth, the Space: Holding the space so that everything that was ready to emerge could emerge without fear/judgement or limitations.  Finally, the facilitators are exemplary Masters of their craft and I so grateful we could be in their Presence.

My Buddhist practice has brought me a long way in sensing The Field, and these teachings completely turbo-charged that journey. You kept us out of ‘talking about it’ and into EXPERIENCING IT. Unforgettable.

This workshop captures the essence of where we, as coaches, need to go in our practice facilitating the transformation of leaders and organizations. This is the next frontier.

My life will never be the same. Thank you!

This workshop far exceeded my expectations!

Come prepared to have your world rocked by a new paradigm of reality integrating quantum physics energetic, and healing practices that can be applied right away! While this workshop provides a transformative and healing experience for you, the practitioner (coach/consultant), you will also you learn to harness the power of your intuition and work within human energy field to support your client’s transformation. You will experience and practice the crucial ingredient in transformative human relationship, embodied presence—the kind of presence that heals and makes whole—Being the presence that transforms not merely using coaching techniques.

A profound experience! Energetic Coaching embodies the future of coaching and leadership development. It is a deepening of our profession into something entirely new.  This workshop is a homecoming to the very essence of our work. This experience is for anyone who is as committed to their own healing as they are to healing the world.

This workshop was different from anything I’ve ever done before in the leadership development arena, and I’ve done a ton. I have learned so much I didn’t know about quantum physics and how it relates to working with my own and others’ energies that I intend to pursue more practices in this arena for the rest of my life.

If you feel ready and called to go beyond the current cultural stories and worldviews, which create so much suffering and separation, then this workshop can catalyze the embodied discovery of deeper, more essential layers of “what you really are”.

Words fail me. When I saw this workshop announcement, I thought, “Oh here is a way I can learn how to integrate my coaching and healing practice and learn how best I can serve by clients”. Little did I know what was in store for me personally. While I did learn what I thought I would, what I wasn’t ready for was the birth of my whole Self, my full Self, my integrated Self!  This was the most sacred experience of my life thus far.

If you want to get in contact with your truest and most authentic self, this workshop is for you. But know that in the process you will have to face your core wounds, allow energetic healing to transform you, experience the process of transcendence, and feel what transformational love is. This is deep work!

A truly transformational experience. To be honest, very powerful, intense, deeply and truly awakening. Prior to this workshop, I wasn’t aware of many of my emotions and that collective trauma lives in me. It facilitated a deep understanding of personal, generational, and collective trauma and demonstrated how touching this field can help us unify ourselves towards a higher purpose. The most beautiful gift I have given to myself is attending this program!

One of the best workshops I have attended, ever. I will encourage people to attend, but first to carefully read the workshop description a few times to make sure this is something they want to attend.  Shadow work is not for the faint-hearted. This is deep personal work. And I appreciated it greatly. Thank you.

This was an out of the park, extraordinary, mind-blowing event.  It stretched me beyond my current paradigm of reality with mind-blowing concepts of energy, spirit, and emotion. It deepened and expanded my spiritual practices.  Just wow!

Loved that the workshop was underpinned by Unity Physics—that universal connection we worked within all session is supported by science.

I most appreciated the deep and transcendent quality of the space and field generated. The practices. The opportunity to explore collective/ancestral healing opened for me a new relationship to the mystery of life, death, and new life. I’m truly grateful for this experience.

Some of the experiences I had, for lack of better words, I can only describe as spiritual: the transcendent experience of unity and the void—simultaneously experiencing my being and my body as the complete emptiness of the void and the fullness of Unity.  Other experiences opened the capacity for feeling a depth of emotion that I have yearned for.  Experiencing the depths of despair and grief has put me in touch with a connection to life and aliveness (words are inadequate) that is rich, full, and affirming.  I am on fire with the integration.

The depth and breadth of its impact on my daily experience continues to grow.  Interactions with friends, family, and clients have all had moments where the space that opened and the depth of the interaction was new and surprising. For example, I met with an executive client on Tuesday. After designing with him a new way for us to be with each other while coaching, I settled in and coached primarily from an embodied state and spent little to no time in the client’s narrative. What a shift! The outcome was different, and we agreed to keep coaching in that way.

Elegant. The way in which this workshop synthesized so much wisdom and integrated it to make it all accessible was an incredible gift. The blending of science and spirit, head and heart, body and soul gave words to pieces of me I could feel yet couldn’t name or readily access. There were quite a few moments of the light of simplicity on the other side of the complexity.