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“If leaders don’t do their work, an organization won’t transform. In order for us to be effective, we have to ‘start with self’ and scale our individual leadership capacity and capability to others in the organization. It’s the leadership of all of us – scaling from one, to team, to many.”

~ Bill Adams, Co-founder of Leadership Circle

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Thriving organizations strategically develop leaders at all levels on an ongoing basis.

Designed specifically to equip leaders for success, individually and collectively, the Leadership Circle Leadership System program brings leaders together in a cohort experience for a series of highly interactive sessions over the course of nine months to a year (year over year, if desired). Through candid conversations, skill and competency development, peer-to-peer coaching, and more, leaders integrate their personal and professional development with realtime, real-life experience and insight. The program combines topics relevant to business issues, leadership development, and principles for scaling leadership success, accelerating and solidifying the gains that can be achieved by becoming more creative and effective leaders.

Leadership System has recently been upgraded, after being available for 10+ years. All components of program have been refreshed and now include new course material with a variety of choices, assessments, and support to address the challenges relevant to leadership teams today.

Leadership is scaling the capacity and capability in the organization to create what matters most.

The Leadership System, coupled with the research-proven results of the Universal Model of Leadership (UML) ™ will offer you the following:

The capability to deliver enterprise programs, tailored to the needs of each group

A fully integrated leadership development system

A foundation to transformation and change

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A Collective and Effective Leadership Culture Requires:

A model and methodology which correlates to the impact of collective leadership on culture, effectiveness, and performance.

A shared language –when integrated with the Leadership Circle Profile 360, effectiveness and leadership at scale begins to take on a ripple effect.

Measurement against that model and methodology over time.

A long-term, systemic process as distinct from episodic, one-off events.

Executive Coaching Certification through Leadership Circle's Collective Leadership Assessment

Leadership is Important!

  • The world’s complexity is outpacing leadership.

  • Research consistently confirms that leadership (and the culture it creates) is really the single differentiator between organizations.

  • Companies with ineffective leaders are vulnerable to losing the best talent, as people (the good ones) join great companies and leave ineffective bosses.

  • A great strategy implemented by ineffective leadership is sure to fail.

  • Culture always trumps strategy…. And leadership is the number one influence on culture. Leaders working together impact the effectiveness of strategy execution.

  • Research confirms effective leadership outperforms ineffective leadership.

  • Collective Leadership: The most effective organizations make developing leaders a strategic focus.

Why Leadership System?

Leadership System helps organizations to develop individual and collective leadership capability and capacity within the organization and allows them to scale leadership at the same time. The framework of the program is built around the six conditions for scaling leadership:

+ Purposeful Achievement

Transformative leaders are driven by a higher purpose – individually and collectively – and engage in dialogue that aligns everyone in the organization. They turn that higher purpose into a clear vision that translates into strategy and execution.

+ Radically Human

Being radically human is about self-awareness, authenticity, and the vulnerability to learn “out loud” in relationship with those around us. When we choose to be more radically human (beautifully imperfect and vulnerable in our evolving) it allows others to do the same. The more people are recognized for who they are, the more they show up for what they can authentically and most effectively contribute.

+ Deep Relationship

Great leaders foster deep relationship – they genuinely love and care about the people they work with and who work for them. Deep relationship is based on a foundation of trust, transparency, and honesty. It is a thread that runs through everything we do together.

+ Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership is about creating a future we care about. It’s an abiding focus on a desired future state. When the whole organization is focused on bringing into being what matters most, you’re creating a high-Creative generative organization.

+ Systems Awareness

We need to understand, as leaders, that businesses are living organisms. It’s important to be aware of every aspect of that system – how those systems interact and how the individuals within that system show up in support of each other. Those systems, as a whole, generate what it is that we’re going to put together and create in the world.

+ Generative Tension

There is a generative tension in the gap between our aspirations (the vision we’re collectively committed to creating) and our current reality. Are we willing to tell the hard truth about what’s going on? Leaders face these development gaps and hold everyone, including self, accountable. Resolution of this tension moves us toward creating a future we believe in.

Meet Our Facilitators

Bill Adams

Bill Adams

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cindy Adams

Global President and Chief Learning Officer, Cornerstone

Tyson Andrus

Tyson Andrus

Associate Principal

Carolina Páez

Carolina Paez

Managing Director, Europe & LATAM

Create Greater Impact


  • Position large-scale, systemic leadership development efforts within your organization and with senior leadership
  • Build the jurisdiction with senior leaders to become a trusted advisor in transforming business performance
  • Deepen your practice, grow your business, and fulfill the promise of your profession
  • Use The Leadership System™ for competitive advantage
  • Earn ICF CCE credits

who should attend

  • Business Leaders
  • Consultants (internal and external)
  • Executive Coaches
  • HR/OD/OE/L&D/Talent Management professionals
  • Trainers

What They're Saying

The LC Leadership System Certification is thoughtfully and elegantly crafted. We have been able to more than double our program offerings without start-up investments.

LauraLeadership System Certified Coach

This Leadership System Certification has been a game-changer for our business. I now approach every client opportunity with a confidence that I have a world-class product.

TimLeadership System Certified Coach
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