Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

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Become a strategic partner with Leadership Circle as a Certified Practitioner and join us in evolving the conscious practice of leadership for those you serve.

One in Mission +

Leadership Circle’s mission is to evolve the conscious practice of leadership for leaders everywhere. The world needs different, better, and even extraordinary leadership, now more than ever.

This leap towards extraordinary leadership only happens through deliberate development. As leaders move from being more reactive to more integral, they find the capability to do extraordinary things and deliver extraordinary results.

One in Practice +

Leadership Circle Certified Practitioners gain everything you need to make your practice thrive. We call it our “coaching business in a box.” Our solutions are ready to go:

  • Assessments and products
  • Training and support
  • Marketing materials
  • Certification
  • Reports
  • Global networking
  • and more!

The Benefits of Leadership Circle Profile 360° Certification

Gain transformational insight

Help your clients quickly and successfully increase their leadership effectiveness.

Bring key issues to the surface instantly

Immediately get to the source of behavior for your clients to gain greater leverage on change.

Get your CCE hours

Approved by International Coach Federation for 29.25 CCE Units:

Core Competencies – 8.00 Units
Resource Development – 21.25 Units

Build your practice on the Universal Model of Leadership™

Get certified in the only 360° assessment built on the Universal Model of Leadership™. Supported by the latest research on leadership and adult development and validated through rigorous statistical analysis, the Universal Model of Leadership is proven to help your clients transform their leadership effectiveness into something great.

Join a global community of practice, made up of the most successful leadership coaches in the world

Certification brings you into an incredible global community of practitioners who use the Universal Model of Leadership and Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) as foundational to their business.  It opens up a new world of learning, insights and tools, and technology-enabled data that has the power to change the power of your work and grow your business exponentially.

Certification is designed for leadership consultants, executive coaches, HR/OD/OE professionals, leadership educators and trainers, and therapists. Please Note: Experience/education around 1-to-1 coaching for leadership or personal development is required to attend this program.

Please note, sessions fill up quickly, we recommend registering soon for your preferred date.

The Process

Register &
Get Pre-approved

Pre-Training Work

Take your Self Survey
Set up your evaluators
Complete your Pre-training Workout
— 2.5 Hours —

Debrief with coach

Review your results & gain insights
— 90 minute debrief —

Attend Certification Training

Must attend full session
See dates below for specific times —

Post Training Workout

Must complete “Become a Practitioner” Workout
— 4 Hours —


You are now a LCP Certified Practitioner!

Certification gives you a powerful framework for enhancing leadership development and effectiveness.

Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification is packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief the Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment.

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge about the Universal Model of Leadership and the stage of development frameworks upon which the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is built. Our unique integration of psychological, leadership, and development theory, provides you with transformational insight to help increase leadership effectiveness in those you work with.

  • Experience/education around 1 to 1 coaching for leadership development and, or personal development is required for attending this program
  • Gain practical experience in debriefing assessments with clients
  • Develop the skills and confidence to successfully use the Profile immediately after certification
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Certification is designed for:

  • Leadership coaches and consultants
  • Executive coaches
  • HR/OD/OE professionals
  • Leadership educators and trainers
  • Therapists

*Please Note: Experience/education around 1 to 1 coaching for leadership development or personal development is required to attend this program.

Are there different schedules available?

We are offering a choice of 2 virtual certification schedules: 3 FULL days and 4 PARTIAL days. Both include the same total hours of training.

3 FULL days

Days 1 – 3: Full Day Schedule
Tuesday – Thursday:
1 hour Lunch break begins between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm
Frequent breaks will occur morning and afternoon
See Dates for specific times

4 PARTIAL days

Days 1–4: Partial Day Schedule
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
See dates for specific times

What is required for meeting virtually for certification?

All Virtual Certifications are delivered via Zoom. After you register, you will be provided with further details such as your Zoom Meeting links, pre-course work, how to download electronic materials, and other key information.

The virtual format does require a few things from you:

  • Make sure you have a solid internet connection with high speed, if possible.
  • Ensure your sound and video camera work on your laptop/computer. We will want to see and hear each other.
  • Download and familiarise yourself with Zoom so you’re ready to go from the first session.

Where can I learn more about the Leadership Circle Profile 360°?

You can learn more about the Leadership Circle Profile 360° here.

If you are interested in how the Leadership Circle Profile 360° compares to others assessments, read our Comparison White Paper here.

What languages are available for the Leadership Circle Profile 360°?

The Leadership Circle Profile 360° is available in 20 languages!

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French (EU)
  • French (CAD)
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (BR)
  • Portuguese (EU)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (EU)
  • Spanish (LATAM)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

“After nearly 1000 coaching sessions with many instruments, LCP has led to the best 1-on-1 coaching sessions I have experienced! It goes beyond feedback on behaviors/competencies (which it includes) to the source: core beliefs and assumptions out of which behaviors live.”

David WomeldorffAuthor, Coach, Former Consulting Directorof Bank One Corporation’s Learning and Leadership Development

Once you’re LCP Certified you are ready for the next step. Come to Collective Leadership Assessment Certification.

In this concise experiential program, learn to use the Collective Leadership Assessment to provide senior leadership teams with feedback and insight regarding their collective impact.

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