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Become certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ – the most powerful 360° assessment on the market and the global standard in assessment methodology. Leverage this proven instrument to quickly identify your clients’ self-limiting paradigms, confidently action plan developmental milestones, and facilitate measurable growth.

Over 10,000 coaches worldwide have been empowered through Leadership Circle’s globally recognised leadership coach certification program, enabling over 3.5 million leaders to develop their leadership effectiveness through a statistically validated approach.

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85% of coaching clients say it’s important or very important that their coach holds a certification or credential according to a 2022 Global Awareness Study conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Who Is Leadership Coaching Certification For?

Our leadership coach certifications are designed for individuals with a background in 1:1 coaching who recognise the inherent value of investing in their coaching skills and tools to help their clients succeed, and in turn, grow their practice.

Three Levels of Certification to Unlock Your Coaching Potential



Certification equips you to administer the Leadership Circle Profile™ – the only 360° Assessment built on the Universal Model of Leadership™ that has been validated through rigorous statistical analysis. Best for 1:1 coaching engagements.

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*Coaching education or experience required to attend this certification.



Built on the same platform as the Leadership Circle Profile, the Collective Leadership Assessment Certification equips you to coach senior leadership teams, C-suite, and executives with insights regarding their collective impact.

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*Must complete Level 1 to attend this certification.



Built to increase the individual and collective leadership effectiveness of teams and organisations, the Leadership System Certification helps you scale your delivery into organisations through a systematic approach.

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*Must complete Levels 1 & 2 to attend this certification.

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Katie Hong
Principle and Founder of KH Consulting relates her experience with Leadership Circle’s Coach Certifications

Access Ongoing Support Through Certification

Our leadership coaching certifications aim to equip actively practising coaches with the skills, tools, and resources needed to thrive in the coaching profession. As a Leadership Circle® Certified Practitioner, you’ll receive ongoing support in a variety of ways:

• 1:1 Mentor Coaching with a Certified Practitioner
• Business Development Support
• Marketing Materials & Templates
• E-Learning & Professional Development Opportunities
• Networking Connections with Potential Clients
• Inclusion to a Global Community of Certified Practitioners

Evoke Deeper Coaching Conversations

“I am certified in several popular and well researched 360° instruments and have delivered results to numerous executives over the past 15+ years. The Leadership Circle Profile is by far the most effective tool in getting directly and immediately into the most transformational conversation with the client. Nothing else comes close!”

Carol MurrayPrincipal, The Lifework Institute

Achieve High-Impact Transformation At Scale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites to attend?

Yes, we recommend that you have at least some coaching experience and/or are training through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or a coaching certification program. Qualifying experience may also be gained through work as a professional psychologist, educator, consultant, etc.

What if I don’t have coaching experience or education?

Leadership Circle’s assessment certifications are designed for individuals who already have a foundation in coaching. If you don’t meet the prerequisites, we recommend that you obtain coaching education through a reputable program such as Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program or through the Internation Coaching Federation (ICF).

Can I complete leadership coaching certification online?

Yes! All our certifications may be completed online. Occasionally, sessions also are available in person. Certification listings on our events calendar are labelled “virtual” or “in person.” Be sure to select the option that best fits your location, availability, and learning style. View certification dates.

Do I need to complete all three levels of certification?

No! But you do need to complete Level 1 certification before you pursue Level 2, and complete Levels 1 and 2 before pursuing Level 3.

Level 1 certification focuses on one-on-one coaching and equips coaches to administer the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP).

Level 2 certification builds on Level 1, enabling coaches to expand their practice to include teams and small groups through the Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA).

Level 3 certification incorporates both individual LCP certification and team-oriented CLA certification to help coaches scale their practice to work with organisations at the enterprise level.

Is this program accredited?

Yes, all three Leadership Circle coaching certifications are accredited through the International Coaching Federation (IFC), the leading global organisation for coaches and coaching.

Coaches receive continuing coaching education (CCE) credits upon completion of Leadership Circle coaching certification:

• Level 1 (Leadership Circle Profile): 29/25 CCE
• Level 2 (Collective Leadership Assessment): 5.41 CCE
• Level 3 (Leadership System): 2 CCE

Do you offer an executive coaching certification?

Yes! Leadership Circle’s Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA) Certification is designed to teach educators, consultants, and coaches how to leverage the Collective Leadership Assessment to cultivate leadership effectiveness within groups, small teams, and C-suite executives.

Our certifications are coaching assessment tools that professionals with prior coaching education or experience can use to deepen and expand their work with their clients, but they do not substitute for coaching-specific education or training. Note that you must first be certified in the Leadership Circle Profile before attending CLA Certification.

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Leadership is always evolving, and so are you. At Leadership Circle, we believe that continual improvement starts with continual learning. Join us for an upcoming workshop, or deep dive into our specialized event topics so that you can begin to evolve your own conscious practice of leadership and development.

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