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Build an organisation full of leaders who are fully engaged, highly productive, focused on breakthrough transformations, and sustainable productivity. Our work is to support your “Top Team” development and systemic leader growth through powerful assessment data, developing deep personal and system insights, and turning that into action tied to business outcomes.

Leadership Talent

Leadership is the deployment of self into circumstance. Leaders tell us that those circumstances are changing each day rapidly. Their worlds are like permanent whitewater and keep getting more complex and challenging. With that as a backdrop, how they show up and the outcomes they create matter more and more. Leaders must constantly be growing their awareness and developing themselves to meet the demands of this ever-changing environment.

Leadership Talent Services +

  • Executive Assessment & Coaching
  • Executive Development
  • Leadership System
  • High-Potential Programs
  • ReImagine: Agile Methodologies
  • Selection
  • Advisory Services

Team Accelerator

The key to enhancing team effectiveness is ensuring all of the work of developing the leaders and the leadership team gets tied directly to relevant business outcomes. Our priority is to ensure that leaders and teams are clear and aligned on what business outcomes matter most and how effectiveness and development interventions impact those outcomes. This connection to business outcomes is one of our most deeply held beliefs, and it is one of the things that makes us different than most firms that do the work of top team effectiveness and leader and leadership development.

Team Accelerator Services +

  • Team Assessment
  • Team Development
  • Team Accelerator: New Team
  • Team Accelerator: Enterprise Team Thinking
  • Session Facilitation
  • Top Team Effectiveness
  • Post Transformation Haze/Agile Team
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Culture Shaping & Internal Capability Build

We shape cultures to be more creative. This is facilitated through deeper relationships that are radically human, systemically aware and purposeful in their group achievements. These cultures are able to hold generative tension in a way more reactive cultures are not. This allows them to shift and transform to meet market demands.

Culture Shaping Services +

  • Transformative Culture Work
  • Whole Systems Approach

Internal Capability Build Services +

Within the three Practice Areas we are happy to deliver for a client or teach them how to do that delivery inside of their organisation on their own. Services Include:
  • Certifications
  • Ongoing Support and Training
  • Monthly Meetings

The Best Leadership Development Platform for Organisations Globally

“Leadership Circle's approach is a powerful path to step-changing leaders’ capabilities individually and as a team to drive positive change and deliver outstanding results. As an organisation, it moves you from reactive, defensive, and excuse-making to creative, purposeful, and outcome-focused. I highly recommend <em>Scaling Leadership</em> and Leadership Circle's approach to CEO’s and their teams.”

Erik FyrwaldCEO, Syngenta Group

Case Study:

Jeff Hilzinger, President and CEO of Marlin Business Services Corp, didn’t realise there was still room for improvement in his leadership effectiveness despite his long and impressive career. As Leadership Circle was implemented throughout Marlin he learned not only could his team and organisation grow in effectiveness, but he could as well.

“I took the first LCP because I was required to, not because I thought I needed to. So, that’s pretty consistent with how I scored.”


-Jeff Hilzinger, CEO of Marlin Business Services

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