Broad-based Roots Influencing Team Effectiveness

The Future of Team Assessments is BRITE

BRITE, Broad-based Roots Influencing Team Effectiveness, is the only comprehensive team assessment on the market that measures the quality of team interactions while establishing a clear language, vision, and pathway to higher levels of team effectiveness.

+ How it works

Using five critical elements contributing to team success, BRITE examines generative and disruptive factors to evaluate current team effectiveness and reveal where team development work will have the greatest impact. BRITE measures the attributes a team possesses, the underlying contributing factors, and the key drivers at play.

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According to a 2022 study by Queens University of Charlotte, nearly 75% of employees see teamwork as essential, yet many feel they lack training and understanding of their team dynamics.

Understanding those dynamics and organically adapting to organizational needs significantly differentiate highly effective teams from the rest.

Highly Effective Teams

Highly effective teams are like bright lights within an organization. They increase a business’s competitive advantage and serve as a beacon of effectiveness. A great team exhibits these kinds of behaviors:

Understand the generative and disruptive factors that lead to diminished energy

Are proactive and able to penetrate the market with speed

Have increased customer satisfaction

Have clearly defined roles, allowing for quicker task completion

Bring innovative strategies to the forefront

The Dynamic Energy Systems of Teams

When energy is fully flowing through team members, it creates collective strengths that do not come to the forefront otherwise. When teams lack sufficient energy or the flow of that energy is disrupted, teamwork fractures, which results in lower-quality interactions, decreased productivity, and lack of innovation. 

The key to becoming more effective as a team is to increase the flow of energy by boosting energy generation through the 5 critical elements of Team Effectiveness that BRITE brings to the forefront.

5 Elements of Team Effectiveness


Mindsets: Teams with a shared understanding of who the team is and what they will be pursuing together are more effective.


Structure: Successful teams are built on a thriving team culture with diverse and capable individuals.


Psychological safety and cohesion: An environment where members feel safe to take personal risks and actively support one another is critical for team effectiveness.


Processes: The most effective teams process information through quality interactions, where team members actively engage, and new ideas emerge.


Performance skills: Teams that are agile in performing tasks and ensure collective accountability for outcomes drive organizational success.

“We are most effective at leading when we understand that we are not separate from the system, we are a microcosm of the whole system. There is no safe way to be great.”

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