10 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up When You Feel Blue

By Alicia M. Rodriguez


I have a confession to make. I wrote the list I’m about to share with you for myself. I didn’t sit at the computer and think about what my next “listicle” would say. 

I was feeling blue, reading the news, watching the posts, and overhearing conversations of doom and gloom. And it all got to me. 

Maybe you’re feeling the same way?


So, I decided to do something about it for those times when I want to pick myself up because the blues are interfering with my optimism and joie de vivre – and my life and work. A little bit is fine. But after that, it’s time to do something to return to my equilibrium and harmony.

I hope there are at least a few on this list that will help you do the same, to get back to your happy place.

1. I listen to music and dance like no one is looking – because mostly no one is looking but even if they did, I wouldn’t really care.

2. I take a walk in nature. For me, there’s nothing better than a walk on the beach to recenter myself. If you garden or hike, you know how being in nature is healing and recalibrates all those neurons in your mind so you can find your peace even in this chaotic world.

3. I read a poem instead of the news to start and end my day. It allows me to reflect on what really matters and connect spiritually.

4. I write in my journal. I write observations, feelings, ideas, thoughts, and even short stories. It gets my creativity flowing and that’s always welcome.

5. I call – yes CALL, not text or email – someone I haven’t spoken to for a while and check in with them. We catch up on the present, laugh, and share memories of our past. I leave those conversations filled with gratitude for having this person in my life.

6. I move. Sometimes it’s a walk, or yoga, hiking, cycling, swimming or dancing or tai chi. As long as my body is moving, I can ground myself and appreciate that my body holds vitality and life force that should never be taken for granted. There’s gratitude again.

7. Sophie. My dog. I hold her, play with her, cuddle her. If you have a pet, you’re one of the lucky ones who knows unconditional love. If I get too focused or sit at the computer too long, Sophie is at the door barking and getting me outside.

8. I write a letter to myself. This may sound silly but writing a letter to yourself can generate self-compassion and appreciation for yourself. Sometimes we just need to show ourselves a little love, so love letters are welcome.

9. I re-read my mantras and affirmations. I used to think mantras didn’t work, that they were nonsense. Then I discovered THIS.

10. I cook. It’s meditative for me. The fact that there is a tangible result — a nice, healthy meal or passionfruit cookies or chocolate chip banana bread or a warm loaf of bread — reminds me that I can sustain myself if I pay attention to my own self-care. Once again, gratitude.

This list is on my phone so that I don’t forget what to do in those blue moments. I choose one of these and afterward, the world looks a bit brighter and I feel more optimistic, creative, and above all, grateful that I have this wonderful life.

Which one do you plan to try? I read everything, so email me at [email protected] and let me know.

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