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Book Announcement! – Mastering Leadership

By September 9, 2015Newsroom

Book Announcement!

Mastering Leadership

An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

By Bob Anderson and Bill Adams

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new book, Mastering Leadership. This book offers a summary and integration of our life’s work — a thorough compilation of our leadership research and business transformation experience. In one compelling read we cover the entire Universal Model of Leadership that underpins the Leadership Circle Profile. Mastering Leadership is also a personally transformative read. It takes the reader into a deep dive of mastering the inner and outer journey of leadership that is required of leaders if they are to transform themselves and, thereby, their organizations. The book includes:

  • Fulfilling The Promises of Leadership
  • The Leadership Effectiveness Quotient
  • Leadership mastery and maturity, consciousness and complexity, effectiveness and performance
  • Stages of Leadership
  • Groundbreaking research
  • Business transformation cases
  • Six Leadership practices that reliably transform Reactive Leaders into Creative Leaders

We are also excited to offer a free Leadership Circle Profile Self-Assessment with each copy of the book. This is an amazing opportunity to get started on the road to personal, Integral change. Mastering Leadership is available now for pre-sale now.



Advanced Praise for Mastering Leadership

“This book is a testimony that love and power and clear purpose can co-exist. It gives form and proof that leadership is a human function. You can define it, measure it, teach it, and yet, in the end, our capacity to be honest with ourselves and fulfill our promises to each other is decisive. The book offers the integration of mind and matter, depth and relatedness; rare combinations in the modern world of speed, convenience, and scale. Read the book. Put it under your pillow. Speak of it to others.”

—Peter Block
partner of Designed Learning and author of Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used; Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest, and The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work.

“There is no shortage of information on leadership theory– Google will return over 15,000,000 results in .32 seconds. However, in their new book, ‘Mastering Leadership,’ Anderson and Adams turn theory into practice by framing great leadership as a purposeful pursuit rather than a genetic anomaly. Their leadership model provides a well proven framework that allows leaders to assess their strengths and needs. Importantly, it also provides the practical knowledge and tools to enable a transition to greater effectiveness. This book should be a well-worn staple in every leader’s ‘10 Essentials.’”

—John Mendel
Executive Vice President – Automotive, American Honda


A sneak preview of the Introduction to Mastering Leadership

In Mastering Leadership, we introduce a complete leadership development model, system, and process designed to be powerfully transformative and take your leadership to the next level of effectiveness.

Sarah returns to her office from the meeting and drops her head into her hands. She wonders if she and Matt took on too much when they decided to launch a new product line and globally expand at the same time. Matt walks in looking as shell shocked as Sarah. The two sit and stare into space, questioning themselves, their leadership, and their decisions. Meanwhile, emails roll in, text messages ring out, and the phone silently vibrates, but goes unanswered. Suddenly, their silence is interrupted when someone stops by to let them know they are late for their next meeting.

This book is written for all those who, like Sarah and Matt, feel this way or who suspect they will soon. This book is for leaders swimming in complexity, wanting and needing to thrive, knowing it could be different. There has to be a better way, one that does not just require working more, harder, faster. This book is also for leaders who are thriving in complexity and are hoping to teach others how to do the same. It is for leaders who want to produce great results, impact the world, be better mothers, fathers, partners, friends, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters—and do all this with a lower energetic cost.

This book elevates our understanding of what makes for effective leadership and how to accelerate its progressive development. Using the first Universal Model of Leadership to emerge in the field, this book comes complete with a Development Framework and Leadership Effectiveness Assessment.

In this book, we address the new Leadership Imperative: Senior leaders today face such rapidly escalating complexity, uncertainty, and market volatility that to stay competitive they must accelerate their own development. The pace of leadership development, individually and collectively, must match or exceed the pace of change in business conditions. Individual effectiveness is necessary, but not sufficient. Individual development transforms business when it catalyzes a team of leaders who, together, can effectively navigate the whitewater of changing market conditions and the rapidly evolving needs of customers and stakeholders. Developing leaders who can navigate complexity is now a strategic priority—and, if done well, a competitive advantage. Beyond developing competency and capability, we need to develop leaders with courage and compassion, consciousness and character.

Leaders set the agenda for the future. Their influence is so pervasive that our global future is intertwined with their development. We need better leaders at all levels—leaders who are dedicated to creating a thriving business and our sustainable collective welfare, leaders who exhibit the creative capacity to invent the future and the capability to hold the delicate balance between short-term profitability and the long-term common good.

Pre-order Mastering Leadership here: MASTERING LEADERSHIP PRE-ORDER

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