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In 2008, McDonald’s Shared Services team was a decentralized organization that was quickly evolving into the first truly global function. McDonald’s recognized the importance of developing teamwork, cohesiveness, and alignment across the team to drive global solutions. They needed to build a diverse, global team with leaders to expand beyond their current capabilities.


The Global Shared Services (GSS) organization has since become the group that applies the Leadership Circle holistically and consistently. They continue to use public feedback talking about their strengths and weaknesses in front of the group. Kelvin McLaurin, VP of Finance Strategy Alignment, explains, “The Leadership Circle has become the common language across the GSS Leadership Team to onboard and develop our leaders.”

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The Results

The culture that the Leadership Circle Profile helped create in GSS is a key contributor to the success of their organization. They achieved their five-year strategic plan in only three years. Then, set in place the GSS 2020 Strategy to continue the momentum toward their vision to be a world-class shared services organization. Debbie Ballard, VP of Shared Services, explains, “It is part of our DNA, part of who we are… we’ve forged a cohesive, high-performing leadership culture in GSS.” Both McLaurin and Ballard continue to be strong advocates for the Leadership Circle process, driving application in their organizations and sharing their experiences with others in the McDonald’s system.

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Everbank Commercial Finance
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Quicken Loans
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Federal Express


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Bon Secours Health System
Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL
Intermountain Health Care (IHC)
Kaiser Permanente

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Pixar Animation Studios
Schouten Global
ASIS International
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

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McDonald’s Corporation
Caribou Coffee


GOJO Industries
Dolby Labs
DTE Energy
Level 3 Communications
Morton Thiokol

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University of Notre Dame
Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Yale University
Food & Drug Administration
US Department of Transportation

What They’re Saying

When I found The Leadership Circle I knew I had discovered something wonderful. The Leadership Circle Profile is different from traditional competency-based approaches to assessment; it is a 360-degree assessment designed to accelerate your leadership and help you understand the relationship between how you habitually think and behave—and how all this impacts your current effectiveness as a leader. The survey revealed valuable data. It’s designed to tell you how you view your current level of leadership, and compares that reality to the level you desire. It helped my board, staff, and myself create a plan for growth and a new emphasis on leadership development.

Katie EverettExecutive Director, The Lynch Foundation

In the course of my career, I have conducted nearly 1000 feedback-coaching sessions around a variety of survey instruments and I can tell you this: The Leadership Circle Profile is such a unique feedback tool that it has led to the best 1-on-1 coaching sessions I have EVER experienced! The reason, I believe, is that it goes beyond feedback merely on behaviors and competencies (which it does include) to the source: the core beliefs and assumptions out of which those behaviors live. In understanding the source, more conscious change is made possible.

David WomeldorffFounder - Evolutionary Management; Former Consulting Director of Bank One Corporation’s Learning and Leadership Development Program and Acting Director of Executive Education

As a visual learner, I was quickly drawn to the circle format. It certainly helps convey the results in a more compelling way than a flat table. But as I delved more deeply into the model, the simplicity was deceptive. I soon found really valuable personal insights: truly some “a-ha!” moments. As my coach explained the underlying logic, even more fell into place. He was excellent, in both manner and knowledge and, after this first 60 minute tour around the circle, I felt as if I had received a tremendous gift. After my a second coaching session and more time with the reading materials, I was convinced: In my almost nine years at CBC/Radio-Canada, this is the most positive personal development experience I’ve had.

Andrew CochranCBC/Radio-Canada

The Leadership Circle Profile is an extraordinary aid for accelerating the development of leaders. This 360 degree process is an integral part of both our Executive MBA programs and our non-degree leadership programs. There are two elements that distinguish the Leadership Circle Profile from its competitors. First, the instrument itself focuses on the critical developmental components associated with long-term effectiveness. Second, the team of feedback coaches is second to none – absolutely world-class.

Leo BurkeAssociate Dean and Director of Executive Education, University of Notre Dame (Mendoza College of Business)

We continue to appreciate and experience how each day little shifts are made leaning into the creative space. Our leaders are growing into their authentic selves and your resources are making a huge impact. We wouldn’t be able to do the work we are doing without this tool and the thoughts/research behind it. For a little over a year, we have internally been coaching and guiding leaders through their circle profile. It has become an important development tool. So important, in fact, we have leaders asking for it AND we have a waiting list!

Kris Miller and Janet CherryKLove, Air1

I have found The Leadership Circle’s instrument a rich and valuable complement to my work! That single picture prompts a world of reflection, and naturally leads to a well-chosen 'improvement goal,' the first step in many a focused coaching approach, including mine.

Robert KeganCo-author of Immunity to Change

The Leadership Circle Profile is an internally consistent, valid measure for leadership development. The psychometric properties of The Leadership Circle Profile are strong, suggesting that The Leadership Circle Profile is appropriate and strong for developmental feedback.

IPRAIndustrial Organizational Psychology Department, Bowling Green State University