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Take the first step in your leadership development journey and see how you rate yourself compared to other leaders.

Coaching Benefits

  • Leaders in transition
  • Leaders facing significant market changes
  • Accelerating transitions of leaders
  • Leading a new team
  • Leaders in need of increased leadership effectiveness to face the tougher challenges they are experiencing
  • Leaders experiencing their limitations of current ways of working and need to shift to more agile principles
  • Leaders  working with agile principles – coaching support on agile mindset and behaviors
  • Leading the development agenda and organizational transformation

Who Benefits From Coaching? Every leader. Leadership is a practice and practice is required – coaching makes all the difference.

The Universal Model of Leadership

  • Work directly with the source of the Universal Model of Leadership – the seminal Leadership Circle Profile and the underlying theory that ties it all together.

  • The authors of Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership are also the creators of the Universal Model.

Making Sense of Leadership

  • Our data science tracks the effectiveness of coaching.

  • Our tools – Pulse to LCP retakes and Qualitative Leadership Assessment – are all integrated with the Leadership Circle Profile and can be combined with a comprehensive analysis or written comments analysis for an in-depth understanding of your leadership.

  • Our comprehensive resources will fit your needs.

Comprehensive Coaching

  • Our Leadership Circle Coaches work from a common leadership language and framework.

  • Our Leadership Circle Coaches understand the philosophical underpinnings of our framework. All our coaches have a comprehensive approach to your development, with clear principles for change.

  • We have a global presence, an international reach, and unparalleled expertise in translating theory into action.

Our Wholistic Approach

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Whether you’re looking for a coach for yourself, your team, or organization, we have the solution. Leadership Circle Certified Coaches bring the only tool that gets to the underlying beliefs driving your leadership.

Our Coaches have abundant experience helping organizations through business transformation, adopt agile principles and practices, and lead through all volatility and ambiguity.


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