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Flexibility, Agility, Innovation (Part 2)

By | Coaches, Leaders, Organizational Development | 2 Comments

Last month we discussed how The Leadership Circle can be used to create a more innovative, flexible, and agile leadership culture in an organization. This Leadership Quarterly discusses Part Two on this topic—a case study example of how The Leadership Culture Survey describes precisely what is needed for a specific organization to be more agile, flexible, and innovative.

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Flexibility, Agility, Innovation (Part 1)

By | Coaches, Leaders, Organizational Development | One Comment

Flexibility, agility, and innovation are qualities most leaders and organizations want to acquire or amplify. Since these dimensions are not labeled as such in Leadership Circle Profile reports, it may seem that our assessments are not as effective as they might be at helping leaders and organizations make significant improvements in these areas.

Quite the contrary.

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