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In addition to the free resources below, certified practitioners can access our complete video archives in the Resources section of the Project Center.

March 17, 2014 Internet Radio Leadership Series: The Alchemy of Transformation–Recently, Bob Anderson, the Chairman and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group, and Dan Holden, a career long colleague, creative collaborator and coconspirator of Bob’s, were interviewed for an internet radio series, The Voice of Leadership. In this series Bob and Dan share very personally and vulnerably the wisdom they have gained from over 60 years of experience of working in this deep and fiery terrain within themselves and with senior leaders.

The Leadership Circle and The Voice of Leadership Radio Network are pleased to share the recorded programs here.

LeaderFire! 1 – A CEO’s journey through the LeaderFire LeaderFire! 1
LeaderFire! 2 – Transformational Stages in the Leader’s Journey LeaderFire! 2
LeaderFire! 3 – Coaching through the Fire LeaderFire! 3
LeaderFire! 4 – Honing the skills – Core Disciplines of the Leader’s Journey LeaderFire! 4

May 29, 2012 The Leadership Circle Leadership Development System–In this video, Andrew Bennett (Director of Practitioner and Product Development, The Leadership Circle) examines real world applications of The Leadership Circle Profile with guests Marjoleine Hulshof (Organizational Analyst and Executive Coach) and Mike Testa (Director of Leadership Development, Diebold).
Feb 2, 2012 The Leadership Circle Profile Test Drive–During this video, Jonathan Hulsh—VP of Sales and Business Development at The Leadership Circle—gives a virtual test drive of the innovative Leadership Circle Profile.
Sept 23, 2011 The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific Conference–New in our YouTube channel, CEO Bob Anderson delivers a keynote presentation at the Leadership Circle Asia Pacific conference. Watch the full keynote speech *Video is presented in a multi-part playlist and will automatically advance to the next segment of the presentation when the previous segment has finished.Focus areas of Bob’s presentation included (click to watch individual segments):

  1. The Leadership Dilemma of Adaptive Challenge
  2. The Importance of Developing Leadership Complexity
  3. How Leadership Relates to Stages of Development
  4. How to Manage Your Sense of Self as a Leader
  5. Complexity Requires Creative Leadership
  6. Unified Theory and the Complete System for Leadership
  7. How Patterns Bring Meaning to Assessment
  8. Interpreting the Leadership Circle Profile 360
  9. The Optimal Path for Leadership Development
  10. New Research on Leadership Effectiveness
  11. Evolving Higher Levels of Leadership
Sept 17, 2011 Frequently Asked Questions–New in our YouTube channel, CEO Bob Anderson provided answers to frequently asked questions about The Leadership Circle.

  1. What is the mission of The Leadership Circle?
  2. How have people reacted to the idea of an internal operating system as it relates to consciousness around leadership development?
  3. How well do your ideas on leadership serve those who run large organizations and businesses?
July 13, 2011 Introducing the Leadership Circle Profile Manager Edition–While our original Leadership Circle Profile is designed for middle and upper management, the new Leadership Circle Profile Manager Edition is a similar tool. It identifies leadership competencies and limitations for those who are in roles that are less complex than those of senior leaders. Read more (PDF);
July 29, 2008 Exploring the Power of The Leadership Circle in Practice–an open forum with Founder and CEO, Bob Anderson This teleconference presents the opportunity to be in dialogue with Bob Anderson, to ask questions and share in his wisdom and experience of leadership development. Also, Shahmeen Sadiq, a member of The Leadership Circle and experienced coach shares her powerful story and her journey of leadership development through her own before and after Leadership Circle Profiles. Paul Matthews of The Leadership Circle UK will also be speaking. 2007 Report (PDF); Graph2008 Report (PDF); Audio
May 27, 2008 Breakthroughs in Leadership Development–For Canadian Coaches, Consultants, HR, and OD Professionals, presented by The Leadership Circle. Report (PDF) Audio
March 26, 2008 Breakthroughs in Leadership Development–For Coaches, Consultants, HR, and OD Professionals, presented by The Leadership Circle UK and Ireland.

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