February 6, 2014, San Diego, CA

Welcome to whole leadership.  

By Betsy Leatherman, President of Full Circle Group

After reading Bob’s transformation piece in our Leadership Quarterly, I felt compelled to write to you all.  I feel so grateful to learn from an absolute Master in the midst of his transition. And I also recognize that I hold the experience on the other side of that transition—a very exciting and vibrant place.

I’ve just spent four days with people whose job is to develop effective leaders in the clients they support—serious full-time practitioners of leadership development. Gathered in San Diego this week are some of the brilliant members of our community, our extraordinary global licensees, our incredible partners and our amazing employees.

For these past four days, I have earnestly been seeking first to understand these heroic leadership development professionals by asking them simple, short questions:  Who are you? What are your goals? What are your challenges?  How can we help you?

They are hungry to be heard and understood. Many of them have then asked me, What is your vision of the future of the leadership development field and of the role of Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle?

I respond: “I am excited to be at the right place at the right time with the right vision, truly an idea whose time has come. It is sweet serendipity.  I am honored to be partnered in leadership with Bill Adams and Bob Anderson, two brilliant pioneers in this space, with a proven approach to whole person and whole systems transformation. And I love the promise of our combined leadership.”

I look at our value proposition as this:  We have the best Unified Model ever created on how to achieve business results through leadership effectiveness—and it’s been road tested on hundreds of corporate and entrepreneurial tracks and refined into the tools of The Leadership Circle and the consulting of Full Circle Group. It is all-encompassing:  all of the wisdom and field work circumscribed into one full circle—not squares, rectangles, boxes, charts, cubes, cubicles, cells, offices, nodes, silos or niches—and one full cycle, consistent with natural laws, principles, seasons and systems.

We deal with the health of the whole body and the whole organization, not just parts, since the whole is always greater (and more complex) than the sum of its parts.

My message to you is this:  Welcome home to you who have traveled the globe, compass in hand, in search of the whole solution to leadership effectiveness. Now I invite you to come with me, full circle, to make a global impact.  Let’s talk soon.


Betsy Leatherman

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