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Our Universal Model of Leadership is the backbone of our assessment tools, coaching practices, and overall individual and organizational development methodology.

The Leadership Circle Profile

Lean into your Creativity

The Leadership Circle Profile is a leadership assessment that measures and provides leaders feedback through the lens of the Universal Model. It is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface.

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Say Hello to An Exceptional Community of Practitioners

The Leadership Circle Community is made up of Leadership Circle Certified Practitioners. This group of 5,000 practitioners across the globe thrive not only on access to world-class tools and best practices, but also on the talent and guidance of each other.

Made up of consultants, coaches, HR professionals, educators, and more, the TLC community represents a standout support system unlike any other in our industry. With backgrounds ranging from Organizational Development and Psychology to Business and Finance, we have coaches drawing from deep wells of experiences across every type of industry. This Practitioner collective typifies the very best in leadership development.

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“I thought I was a good leader. I was confident, a little bit cocky in my leadership. I didn’t realize how my leadership impacted the people that I worked with.”


-Mike Jett, Regional Lead for Supply Shipping for Honda
“I took the first LCP because I was required to, not because I thought I needed to. So, that’s pretty consistent with how I scored.”


-Jeff Hilzinger, CEO of Marlin Business Services

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