Leadership Circle Profile – Manager Edition

A 360-Degree Assessment for Managers and Practitioners

The Manager Edition of the Leadership Circle Profile is an unparalleled assessment of one’s ability to lead and to inspire leadership.  It is a scientific, data-driven evaluation that is fine-tuned for managers and emerging leaders.

Who is the Manager Edition for?

  • Mid-level managers
  • Project managers
  • Supervisors
  • Non-executive MBA students
  • Managers considered “emerging leaders”
  • Team leaders

How does the Manager Edition compare to the original LCP?

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A key step for Management Training and Development

How can you tell how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you started? Developing your manager abilities first requires establishing a baseline in order to visualize the strengths you’ve created, as well as the weaknesses that are holding you back. It is only once you’ve seen the full spectrum of your abilities that manager training will have the desired effect. By taking the Manager Edition of the Leadership Circle Profile, you’re taking stock of your current abilities so you can watch them grow exponentially through further management training and development.

Reveal Your Path Towards Greater Leadership Roles

The Manager Edition of the LCP is designed to not only focus in on your current abilities in a managerial or practitioner position, but to identify your potential for greater roles within your company.  This data-driven assessment will allow you to isolate your strengths and weaknesses in your current position, revealing your path towards greater leadership roles through conscious behavioral changes.

How to take the LCP Manager Edition

The Manager Edition Profile can help you evolve your leadership skills and improve your conscious understanding of leadership in general.  However, it can only be administered and debriefed by one of our certified leadership coaches.  Use the link below to find a coach and begin your leadership development journey.

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