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The Future Is Integral

Bob Anderson and Nicholas Janni have had a multiyear collaboration developing an expanded understanding of integral leadership and development. This workshop is rooted in the deep foundational ground of the Universal Model of Leadership, and in it, we will explore and enhance our capacity—as coaches and consultants—to hold a transformative integral presence informed by Unity.

This is not a workshop in how to coach leaders moving into or operating at an integral level—and yet, it is. This workshop is about how to coach or consult from an Integral-Unitive presence. It is about being the presence that transforms, that creates a catalytic field of transformation, while working with a client (or group) that may be at any level of leadership development.

Integral coaching addresses directly the interdependence of healing and awakening. Healing that awakens. Awakening that heals. This work is founded on the principle that, to maximize the developmental opportunity we have in any moment with our clients, all parts of us must be attended to and made fully available—from the very highest to the most wounded aspects that we carry within us.

During the workshop, we will create a very safe container and a very high-energy transformative field as we devote ourselves to working intensively, intuitively, and experientially with all aspects of ourselves. We will spend our time in deep shadow work as well as expanded states of presence and intuitive connection.

This workshop will be grounded in the deeper layers of the Universal Model of Leadership—integrating the leading edge of science, spirituality, and adult development. For more on this integration, see Bob’s white paper, “The Future of Leadership Is Integral: In-formed by Unity.”

White Paper

Please note: as this workshop is focused on integral coaching/consulting presence and practice, it will not cover all aspects of the Universal Model of Leadership, nor will we explore how an integral leadership change effort can be implemented in an organization. Our focus will be on the essential presence of integral coaching and consulting as something we learn to bring to all clients, regardless of their stage of development. As such, no previous experience of the Leadership Circle Profile is required for attendees.

What We'll Do

This workshop is highly experiential and will explore the essential requirements of integral coaching.
  • Integral coaches are to be able to:
    • rest in a deep and unshakeable embodied presence while working.
    • feel all dimensions of their client: emotionally, physically, subtly (how their energy flows or not in their system), and spiritually.
    • know the difference between narrative and experience and how to guide your client back to experience.
    • recognize, and feel somatically, the different frequencies of personal, transgenerational, and collective wounds.
    • hold a profound connection to the highest light within you and your client as the transformative presence you bring.
  • Integral coaches have done enough personal inner healing work that they can hold an unconditional, compassionate space for whatever shadow elements emerge and for all emotions, however painful. Therefore, we will spend considerable time together doing deep shadow work, for our own integral development and to learn together the various practices of integral coaching.
  • Integral coaches have no agenda to make anything happen; they do not resort to fixing; nor do they have any trace of the “positive/negative” mindset regarding emotions.
  • Integral coaches understand the importance of a clients “regulation” functions.
  • Integral coaches know how to regulate their presence to create a safe and powerfully transformative coherent field in which the work takes place, thus allowing for much deeper work, insight, and higher levels of innovative breakthrough.
  • Integral coaches have energetic, meditation, and/or contemplative practices that enable them to reside in deep radiant spaciousness while working.
  • Integral coaches have wide, open intuitive/subtle access with which they both experience and support their client.
  • Integral coaches recognize that the process is everything. They fully trust not having to know what is unfolding or where it’s going.


Workshop sessions will take place in person, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. BST at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG. Participants will go locally for their lunches. Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be served morning and afternoon. As a courtesy to fellow cohort members, participants are expected to be present the entire time.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023
  • Thursday, Oct. 19, 2023
  • Friday, Oct. 20, 2023


Practitioner Price: €1,825 (est. $1,950)

Corporate Price: €2,150 (est. $2,300)

Cost includes all three days of workshop sessions.


Space is limited. To reserve your spot or for more information, please contact us directly.

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This workshop and our Energetic Coaching workshop are complementary. Taken together, they are a powerful and deep dive into Unity Informed Integral Leadership, coaching, and consulting.

Energetic Coaching

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson is co-founder of Leadership Circle and its chief knowledge officer. Bob has been a pacesetter in the field of leadership development for more than 30 years. He created The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360-degree assessment used by organizations worldwide, to measure the effectiveness of their leaders (individually and collectively), chart a pathway for their development, and assess their progress as they develop. He is the co-author of Scaling Leadership and Mastering Leadership.

Nicholas Janni

Nicholas Janni has devoted his life to studying and teaching the development of human potential since an awakening at the age of 16. He works with CEOs and senior teams globally and teaches at two of the world’s leading business schools, pioneering a new vision and practice of leadership.

In his first career, he was a theater director, teaching at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and researching the “zone” of peak performance with his own company. He bridges the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual, and professional development in a uniquely powerful, relevant, and accessible way.

His latest book, Leader as Healer, A New Paradigm for 21st-Century Leadership, published by LID Publishing in 2022, won a prestigious Business Book of the Year award at Business Book Awards 2023. Janni’s new platform, Matrix Leadership Development, was launched in November 2022.

Feedback About the Workshop

“This was an out of the park, extraordinary, mind-blowing event. It stretched me beyond my current paradigm of reality with mind-blowing concepts of energy, spirit, and emotion. It deepened and expanded my spiritual practices. The energy, the transformational power of the session itself, and the amazing people gathered—just wow.”

“I really appreciated the quality of the live coaching demonstrations by Nicholas and Bob. This, combined with their explanations of the practices they led us through, was very powerful and helpful.”

“Loved that the workshop was underpinned by Unity Physics—that the universal connection we worked within all session is supported by science.”

“This was a brilliant workshop for coaches. It connected me with myself and deepened my spiritual awareness and practice. The quality, depth, and feeling of the workshop was exceptional.”

“I learned a new meaning to the “everything is included”… EVERYTHING I felt and experienced really was ok, included, not judged, and embraced! It was a deep integration of healing work, energetic and spiritual work.”

“The embodied mastery of both Nicholas and Bob, the content, the practices, and how we worked with it all, was exceptional.”

“I most appreciated the deep and transcendent quality of the space and field generated.”

“The opportunity to explore collective/ancestral healing opened for me a new relationship to the mystery of life, death, and new life. I’m truly grateful for this experience.”

“It feels like a portal opened for me last week. And now that I’ve gone through it, I have access to another level/dimension of self and reality—a whole new way of being in the world. I am clear that this is both a lifelong practice to cultivate, sink into, and strengthen. It also feels like that shift has also already occurred. Pretty amazing.”

“I am reflecting on the beauty, wisdom, and contribution of each of your sensibilities, perspectives, and gifts to this work—the deep grounding in the physical body, the energetic body, as well as the esoteric and mystical. Very powerful that you’ve come together and are sensing into the dance of your life work.”

“Bob and Nicholas are wise leaders! A few days in their presence was a privilege. The insights that I take from the experience will strengthen me and my coaching.”

“This workshop is a must for any leader, coach or consultant wishing to explore and expand their embodiment of deeper Presence. The healing work, along with the practices of expanding and deepening into “who and what we really are,” blended beautifully together in synergistic combination. I sensed that everyone, including the facilitators, were profoundly impacted through this workshop. I left the workshop feeling touched, connected, open, curious, and resourced.”

“It was a rich deep dive into an essential leadership healing practice—simply being present with powerful emotion. I highly recommend it for coaches, consultants, and leaders seeking to deepen and expand their practice.”

“Some of the experiences I had, for lack of better words, I can only describe as spiritual: the transcendent experience of unity and the void—simultaneously experiencing my being and my body as the complete emptiness of the void and the fullness of Unity. Other experiences opened the capacity for feeling a depth of emotion that I have yearned for. Experiencing the depths of my despair and grief has put me in touch with a connection to life and aliveness (words are inadequate) that is rich, full, and affirming.”

“While the intensity of the experience has “worn off,” the depth and breadth of its impact on my daily experience continues to grow. Interactions with friends, family, and clients have all had moments where the space that opened and the depth of the interaction was new and surprising.”

“I met with an executive client soon after the workshop. Based on what I learned, we designed a new way for us to be with each other while coaching. I settled in and coached primarily from an embodied state, spending little to no time in the client’s narrative. What a shift! The outcome was different and powerful for him. We agreed to keep coaching in that way.”

“Shortly after this workshop, I worked with two groups. The work that unfolded was so awesome. As I worked with these groups, I noticed that there was a significant shift in me, due to being together last week. It was extraordinary. I felt bolted to the ground while rising and shining—potency flowing through and in me. I experienced the whole room/system settling in and attuning to me and to each other. For the first time ever, there was a palpable energy amongst them and many tears—in a system where that is typically not available. I could feel the whole circle in me and outside me.”