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The Leadership Quarterly™ is the periodic business journal for The Leadership Circle that addresses the issues that are critical to your competitive advantage, including periodic thought pieces. With insights and commentary from Bob Anderson, founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, and other industry leaders, the Leadership Quarterly discusses these important issues to help create exceptional leaders within your company.

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Book Announcement! – Mastering Leadership

September, 2015 | by Douglas Day

Book Announcement! Mastering Leadership An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results By Bob Anderson and Bill Adams   We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new book, Mastering Leadership. This book offers a summary and integration of our life’s work — a thorough compilation […]

White Space

August, 2015 | by Douglas Day

  Most senior leaders of today’s corporations have built the engine and chassis, filled the tank and turned the key, but in many cases, are still learning how to accelerate, shift gears, and navigate a tight corner in the matrix organizations they have built. In between the defined spaces of […]

Leadership 500 Awards

July, 2015 | by Douglas Day

What an honor it was to be recognized in this year’s Leadership 500 Awards that took place this past March. Full Circle Group & The Leadership Circle won First Place for Large Leadership Partner and Provider. Our very own Carl Benscoter, Senior Vice President of Global Growth and Client Relations […]

Taking leadership development to the next level in the Middle East and North Africa

June, 2015 | by Douglas Day

Taking leadership development to the next level in the Middle East and North Africa The Leadership Circle is now entering the Middle East and North Africa. Bill Adams, the CEO, stated, “We have had good experiences here. Our global clients have run programs with us involving executives in the region, […]

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