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2016 ICF Australasia Conference – Padraig O’Sullivan Interview

November, 2016 | by Douglas Day
The Leadership Circle was the Platinum Sponsor of the International Coach Federation Conference held on the Gold Coast in Australia recently. Two of our Directors, Padraig O’Sullivan and Roma Gaster delivered keynote and break out presentations on ‘How does our IOS hold treasures to our unlocked potential’ and ‘Exploring Team […]

My Story with the Leadership Circle Profile and Transformational Learning, By Renee Rogers

May, 2016 | by Douglas Day
My Story with the Leadership Circle Profile and Transformational Learning Renee Rogers   More than two decades is a long time to be with one company, and as I moved past this milestone, I increasingly felt bone-tired and finished. “You can stick a fork in me, I’m so done,” I […]

Patriarchy to Partnership

January, 2016 | by Bob Anderson & Bill Adams
Patriarchy to Partnership Navigating two journeys. By Bob Anderson and Bill Adams In the pursuit of competitive advantage most organizations are actively working to shift their cultures from Patriarchy to Partnership. This means transforming reactive, hierarchical, siloed, top-down cultures into bottom-up, engaged, adaptive, innovative, open, fast, agile, creative, lean, flat, […]

Reactive to Creative Leadership

December, 2015 | by Bob Anderson & Bill Adams
Reactive to Creative Leadership All leaders will experience two major movements. By Bob Anderson and Bill Adams Two major movements happen in the self (in its inner game) as it transforms from Reactive to Creative Leadership. The first movement has to do with a shift in how we optimize the […]
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