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Benefits & Features

A Leadership Culture Survey will:
  • Establish a compelling rationale for change.
  • Focus leadership development efforts.
  • Delineate cultural challenges associated with acquisitions, mergers, and restructuring plans.
  • Correlate leadership to productivity, profits, turnover, and other bottom line metrics.

Overview of Features

  • Measures the current culture and the desired culture. This requires respondents to fill out the same 62 questions twice—once for the way things are, and once for the way they want them to be. When results are displayed, the gap between current reality and vision is highlighted. This focuses the conversation immediately on those aspects of the culture that most need to be addressed
  • 31 dimensions of your culture are measured and organized into eight summary dimensions and displayed in the same circular format as the inner circle of the Leadership Circle Profile.
  • Is user friendly, administered over the internet, and results are immediately downloadable. This means that over a lunch break, you can conduct a thorough and valid assessment of your team’s leadership style.
  • Taps into an ever-growing norm base that allows for your organization to be compared to the total norm base and/or to any industry group(s) that provide for valid comparisons. Break-out reports can easily be produced on every sub-group in an organization from the work team to the entire organization.
  • Is completely confidential, and is accessible for the visually disabled.

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