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The Leadership Circle free leadership self-assessment is unlike any leadership style quiz. It was developed through in-depth research and uses data from over 100,000 leaders to help you get a detailed understanding of your leadership style compared to other leaders globally.

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Improve Your Leadership Skills

The first step to becoming an effective leader is to understand your current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leadership. Our leadership self-assessment will help you understand how you stack up as a leader and what opportunities there are for you to improve your leadership effectiveness.

Improve Your Leadership Skills

Characteristics of Effective Leadership

Unlike a typical leadership style test, this leadership assessment tool analyzes the 29 key dimensions of leadership and aggregates these findings to help you understand whether you are considered a reactive leader or a creative leader. In understanding which behaviors lead to reactive leadership, you can use this information to identify opportunities to transform your leadership. One of the key traits of an effective leader is self-awareness and understanding your current leadership is the first step in becoming a better leader.

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What Leaders Are Saying

“When I found The Leadership Circle, I knew I had discovered something wonderful. The survey revealed valuable data. It’s designed to tell you how you view your current level of leadership and compares that reality to the level you desire. It helped my board, staff, and myself create a plan for growth and a new emphasis on leadership development.”

Katie EverettExecutive Director, The Lynch Foundation

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