Money raised through Dec. 31 will support projects protecting forests in Brazil and Costa Rica


DRAPER, UTAH – Premier leadership assessment and development firm Leadership Circle today launched its annual Steward the Planet campaign, raising funds to protect terrestrial rainforests in the Amazon region of Brazil and mangrove forests along the coast of Costa Rica.

“In all great traditions, there is a moral imperative that we are caretakers, guardians, stewards of this planet,” says Leadership Circle Co-Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer Bob Anderson. “As we have grown in population, the need for that has become more and more self-evident—and we are not doing it.

As leaders in the world and as leaders in the leadership space, it is incumbent upon us to take the lead, be examples, and do all we can. Future generations depend on what we do now.”

This year, in association with Conservation International, Leadership Circle is raising funds to support two projects. The first will help the Noke Koi tribe of the Brazilian Amazon to protect their land by helping them establish food security and a sustainable livelihood, improving existing infrastructure, promoting training, and helping develop local businesses. The second will help scale the restoration, conservation, and rehabilitation of mangrove forests around Costa Rica’s Gulf of Nicoya.

Working together with other organizations to reach the campaign goal of $185,000, Leadership Circle has committed to raise approximately 40% of total goal—$70,000.

“It’s time for us to wake up and manage our impact on the world,” says Anderson. “We do this each year because the time is urgent. This is one way our organization and its customers around the world can come together to have a direct impact in our stewardship of the planet.”

The 2023 campaign marks the fourth year that Leadership Circle has launched a fundraising campaign to benefit Conservation International projects. The 2022 campaign raised funds to support Project Peru, which focused on protecting and restoring the Alto Mayo tropical rainforest region, ensuring the long-term conservation of the Nuwas Forest, and designating a protected area off Peru’s coast. Earlier efforts supported grant-writing proposals to the United Nations Green Climate Fund for projects protecting and restoring the Amazon rainforest and mangrove forests in Ecuador.

Leadership Circle’s annual campaign to benefit Conservation International is just one part of the organization’s Steward the Planet Initiative. The initiative also includes an ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted, which results in the donation of one tree for every purchase of an electronic Leadership Circle Profile™ or virtual mat. Since July 2021, Leadership Circle has helped plant nearly 23,000 trees around the world.

Visit the 2023 Steward the Planet campaign webpage to learn how you can support this year’s campaign.


About Conservation International
Conservation International is a world leader in biodiversity preservation and climate mitigation. The organization focuses on combining fieldwork in local and Indigenous communities with innovations in science, policy, and finance to secure the health of Earth’s climate, ecosystems, and biodiversity, and to improve the lives of people everywhere.

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