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Draper, Utah – Leadership Circle, the leadership development company that assesses, coaches, and develops some of the world’s most impactful business leaders and teams, today announced their partnership with Unlocking Eve, an organization dedicated to bringing an integrated and inclusive approach to health care leadership to secure the health of the world’s citizens. The partnership is established under both organizations’ common goal to change the world through development of effective leadership.

Deeply ingrained traditional models of leadership have inhibited health care organizations from performing at the full capacity of those involved around the world. The past several years of the pandemic have demonstrated that this outdated thinking is no longer sustainable. Unlocking Eve partnered with Leadership Circle to conduct research and development of pioneering knowledge, tools, and services for a new profile of leadership effectiveness in driving systems change. Unlocking Eve in partnership with The Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD) recently marked the opening of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly with a meeting of leaders working to bolster women’s economic empowerment. On Wednesday, September 20, Unlocking Eve will present the findings of their partnership research with world leaders from public, private, and government organizations focused on health equity, entrepreneurship, and sustainable financing in women’s health.

“In our combined 25 years in health care, we’ve seen firsthand the impact that varying leadership styles have had in health outcomes on a global scale,” said Eva McLellan, co-founder of Unlocking Eve. “Our goal is to unlock and harness the integrated capacities of leaders, pioneering a new leadership blueprint for a balanced and healthier world. One that reframes our understanding of effective leadership, challenging current norms and shifting the status quo. Our goal is both ambitious and essential: to empower 100 million integrated leaders by 2030.”

Leadership Circle and Unlocking Eve’s research outlines the specific challenges to effective leadership in health care and beyond. Key findings include:

  • Health crises established challenges to effective leadership: In the wake of the pandemic, it has been shown that countries with women leaders were more successful on average at reducing rates of transmission and death from COVID-19. This includes addressing threats for community impact and providing greater post-pandemic vision.
  • The lasting effects of the Great Resignation: More than 1 million women left the U.S. workforce, citing the lack of advancement opportunities as the number one reason for leaving. This contributes to the anticipated global health care worker shortage of 15 million by 2030.
  • Women are highly underrepresented in global health care leadership: While women make up 70% of the global health care workforce, they only hold 25% of senior leadership roles with 5% in top health care positions. In addition, the probability of a man achieving a managerial position in health care is 3.85 times higher than that of a woman.
  • Gender balance at the top matters: Organizations with gender-balanced leadership workforces are more successful, with an expected increase of 22% in global human capital wealth and demonstrated increases in organizational-level financial performance and staff productivity and satisfaction, as well as reduced burnout.

An integrated approach to leadership requires a greater combination of task-oriented and relationship-oriented qualities. These qualities have historically been incorrectly described with a male versus female binary. Effective leadership strongly correlates with the utilization of both relating and achieving characteristics, including collaboration, mentoring, and strategic and purposeful thinking. These qualities are prevalent in women leaders, demonstrating the critical failure of underrepresentation in decision-making positions.

“Leadership Circle has spent two decades refining our Universal Model of Leadership and building the most robust database of leadership effectiveness,” said Bill Adams, CEO and co-founder of Leadership Circle. “The opportunity to leverage our wealth of data to provide evidenced-based support to Unlocking Eve’s work is in perfect alignment with our mission to grow unity through the conscious practice of leadership.”

Leadership Circle and Unlocking Eve’s research evaluated more than 1,300 health care leaders across almost 70 countries. Supporting feedback to build these leadership profiles included input from more than 18,000 evaluators. This bespoke data was combined with Unlocking Eve’s experience in leading health care organizations to help build guidance for the models of inclusive leadership that will be required to bring transformational progress to health care and beyond.

Leadership Circle and Unlocking Eve detailed the findings of their research on integrated leadership in health care organizations in a new white paper. To learn more. please visit Integrated Leadership: The Pathway to Transforming Healthcare and Healing the World.


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The Unlocking Eve Foundation, co-founded by health care leaders Eva McLellan and Kaye Vitug, was born from the unwavering belief that enabling new models of balanced and integrated leadership is essential to transform health care and heal the world. At the heart of their work is a dual mission: to advance a new profile of leadership excellence and to accelerate women’s advancement in health care leadership by 50%. Unlocking Eve aims to impact 100 million lives by 2030 through thought leadership, compelling research, transformative tools, and high-impact partnerships for system change. Explore more about Unlocking Eve at unlockingeve.org.

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