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Our LeadTech™ Platform:

  • Leadership Technology

  • Scaleable

  • Democratizing

  • Focused on Adult Development

  • Interactive

  • Enabling at every level

Leadership at Every Level

Scaling or democratizing leadership development is one of the most defining challenges. The nature and structure of work have changed. Jobs now require learning leadership skills and taking on leadership roles.

The current hierarchical leadership landscape is highly customized, expensive, and focused on a few at the executive-level. Due to the changing nature of work, this is now insufficient. Thanks to automation and AI, which is making transforming the way people interact, work, and communicate easier.

LeadTech™ is the latest in online, asynchronous business consulting, coaching, and leadership development for individuals and teams. Leadership development is ongoing, together with Adeption, we’ve made it sustainable.

The Trouble with Scaling

Businesses are looking to enhance the leadership attributes of every individual across their organization, but the current leadership development solutions are unable to match the demand. This is summarized by the key challenge in leadership development “what works doesn’t scale and what scales doesn’t work.”


Adeption has developed an interactive leadership development application combining the latest philosophies from lean, design thinking, behavior change, and adult development. The AI integrated emulates an executive coach. The platform takes people through a series of personalized coaching workouts. Each workout uses reflective questions about current situations and shares ideas for inspiration to develop a clear action plan. Adeption keeps users accountable with social accountability and app-driven notifications. Before closing the loop, reflecting on the result and insights unlocks the next workout for continuous development.

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The Leadership Circle Adeption Platform

Reach More Leaders
Develop Leaders Faster
Increase Leaders’ Engagement
  • Manage more leaders/clients
  • Lower cost per leader than traditional coaching = mid-level and front-line leaders can receive development
  • More frequent touch-points
  • Greater levels of engagement
  • Focused on behavior vs. pushing content
  • Leaders develop through actions and experiences vs. viewing events
  • Opportunities for peer coaching
  • Learn at their own pace
  • Pull content vs. pushed content (AI suggests relevant content)
  • Interact with others
  • Frequent coach interactions
Drive Greater Accountability for Leaders to Own Their Development
Make Better Decisions From the Collection of Timely and Relevant Data
  • Social accountability
  • Clear and accessible action plans that are worked regularly
  • Real-time insights
  • Leadership trends

Get Into Flow

Adeption is a leadership development gym for an organization. Combine the premier lens for vertical leadership development of the Leadership Circle Profile and the Universal Model of Leadership, it’s like adding a mirror and blood test to the gym. Leadership Circle and Adeption will continue to invest in AI and LeadTech, striving to support leaders and continuously provide access to executive coaching resources.

“Our goal is to provide high quality, scalable leadership development to reach deeply into organizations and support lots of people. To be able to do so, you just have to focus more on the experiences that people have, rather than just feeding them learning content.”

Carl Sanders-EdwardsCEO and Founder of Adeption