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Creative Competencies: Relating

This summary dimension measures the leader’s capability to relate to others in a way that brings out the best in people, groups and organizations. It is composed of:
  • Caring Connection measures the leader’s interest in and ability to form warm, caring relationships.
  • Fosters Team Play measures the leader’s ability to foster high-performance teamwork among team members that report to him/her, across the organization, and within teams in which s/he participates.
  • Collaborator measures the extent to which the leader engages others in a manner that allows the parties involved to discover common ground, and work together effectively.
  • Mentoring & Developing measures the leader’s ability to develop others through mentoring, and maintaining growth-enhancing relationships.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence measures the interpersonal effectiveness with which the leader listens, engages in conflict and controversy, deals with the feelings of others, and manages his/her own feelings.
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